Who said, “The NHS will be shown No Mercy”?

The NHS will be shown no mercy in a global carve-up of health. The plan is to for the whole of the health  provision of the globe to be “harmonised” to fit within a standardised privatised structure/network. Despite denials from Lansley and Cameron, the NHS sell-off was planned well in advance.  Global privatisation of the National Health service was always the aim.

Cameron denied any knowledge of Mark Britnell, yet he had been invited to several very high profile meetings about the future of the NHS before coming to power.

Mark Britnell advisor to David Cameron, also has connections to Andrew Lansley , see Guardian report here.

Writing in the Health Service Journal, Britnell also suggested that the NHS would be better served by breaking with the mantra that all services should be free at the point of delivery by allowing co-payment, where patients share the costs of care and drugs.

“It appears that countries that have a mixed blend of public and private provision, co-payment and social insurance are possibly more capable of providing resilient healthcare systems.”

 Britnell was a key speaker in New York at a meeting about the global privatisation of the NHS. He said, “The NHS will be shown no mercy.”

From deliverer to insurer

The other change that Britnell sees in the UK is even more fundamental: “In future, The NHS will be a state insurance provider not a state deliverer.” In future ‘any willing provider’ from the private sector will be able to sell goods and services to the system. Britnell comments: “The NHS will be shown no mercy and the best time to take advantage of this will be in the next couple of years.”

The monolithic arm of state control will be relaxed which will provide a huge opportunity for efficient private sector suppliers.

Download the pdf  Document on Global Privatisation of Health

This is clear evidence of the intention to sell off our Health Service to the world’s profiteers.

There’s no secret here about the globalised privatisation of Health.

There’s no secret about the intentions.

Mr Cameron, the British people will show you no mercy.

It’s time to go. Now.

Further Reading

Source of “No Mercy”  http://www.spinwatch.org/blogs-mainmenu-29/tamasin-cave-mainmenu-107/5435-the-nhs-will-be-shown-no-mercyq-says-cameron-health-adviser

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12 thoughts on “Who said, “The NHS will be shown No Mercy”?

  1. This outcome was implicit in the 8th round of the GATT (General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs) treaty in Uruguay in 1994. The intention was always to dismantle the welfare state and privatise public services; the US arguing that it was unfair trade that their private providers of health, employment protection and education had no access to European markets because of the state provision.

    However, it was recognized that such a process would have to be implemented slowly and by stealth because of the popularity of the welfare state. We are now seeing the end-game of that process being implemented by the Tory/LD government. The Welfare Reform bill, which will benefit private employment protection insurers, passed into legislation at the beginning of March. The Health and Social Care bill sets up the conditions which will eventually lead to further privatisation and a two tier US type of health provision; with private involvement intended at all levels from commissioning, insurance, private health providers, hospitals and financial devices for maximizing GPs budgets. A similar process is in place with the little discussed changes to state education. Nuclear energy is very much on the agenda in spite of the lack of economic or environmental case, and there are murmurings again about pushing for GM crops to be grown in the UK.


    ‘Redefinition’, secrecy and distraction are characteristic of current global politics, and democracy has become highly weakened.

    Colin Crouch describes in his book ‘The strange non-death of neoliberalism’ … neoliberalism is devoted to the domination of public life by the giant corporation… and that there is ‘comfortable accommodation’ between the state, the market and the ‘giant’ corporation. Corporate power makes it its business to bind them all together in an essentially hidden market-state-corporation triad.


  2. Why, oh why have the BBC and mainstream press not made it clear to the British people the true agenda? Ordinary people could claim that they have been “mis-sold” these policies as with any other insurance policy. Labour’s promise to bring NHS and utilities back into democratic ownership needs to be spelt out clearly.


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