Cameron – Previous Labour Administration To Blame For Olympic Success We Have To Clear Up


PM says it’s about time Labour held up its hands and accepted responsibility for the Olympic timebomb they left behind

The Prime Minister David Cameron has placed the blame for the biggest Olympic success the country has had to face in over 100 years firmly on the previous Labour administration’s spending policies.

In a statement attacking Gordon Brown’s legacy both as chancellor and prime minister, Mr Cameron said:

It is clear that Gordon Brown’s irresponsible investment in sport, lack of regulation of the Indian dancing sector and insistence on spending taxpayers’ money on frivolous things like children’s education and healthcare instead of giving it away to private firms who couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery has created a situation where we are now ranked third in the whole world in terms of sporting prowess. And the blame for that must be placed entirely on the shoulders of Gordon Brown’s administration.

Mr Cameron also strongly rejected accusations that his administration bore any responsibility for the unprecedented amount of gold, silver and bronze medals won by Team GB at the Olympics:

Obviously, after only two years in government it would be entirely unfair to blame my government for the utter Olympic success left behind by Labour which we have had to clear up. It was Labour’s policies and Labour’s alone that were entirely responsible for the enormous golden shower of medals that we now find ourselves being covered in.


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