Omnishambles, Petulance OR Sheer Disregard?

Omnishambles, Petulance OR Sheer Disregard

By Jayne Linney

With so many media articles and accounts about what the current Government is getting wrong, I can’t help but wonder if the Cabinet are guilty. Not only guilty as charged for their mistakes, but perhaps as importantly guilty of the same behaviour and attitude of many people when the Facts show something they don’t like?

A recent example is how everyday more and more people are ‘coming out’, claiming  they ‘knew’ that children and young people were being abused by Jimmy Savile. Only in the past 3 few days there’s been report of Royal Aides, Rock stars; Politicians and even the Sir Roger Jones, chairman of Children in Need from 1999 to 2002 and a BBC governor for Wales from 1997 to 2002, all believing something was ‘not right, or to quote Sir Roger Savile was “creepy”.

This is a clear indicator of how even powerful people, when faced with something they find uncomfortable, choose not to accept it or as Nick Clegg puts it to “turn a blind eye. The problem with this is, eventually we find the issue niggling at us, and we find reasons not to  deal with it; Sir Roger stated his reasons as having “no evidence”. Gestalt, one of the founders of Psychology theories called it Deflection,which can show as choosing not to hear or sei something / misunderstanding or redefining what has been said or done..

I find it hard to accept that had the Police chose, or been allowed to, fully investigate the Savile affair they would not have found plenty of evidence; so why didn’t they?  I can only suppose the psychological  damage to the children and young people who were abused, was considered a better price than the potential fallout of a prosecution of the perpetrator(s) and those colluding with the activities?

On a similar note, I also find it equally difficult to believe the Government does not know exactly the extent of damage their Polices, in particular to the National Economy and  Welfare Reform Act, on the General Public. Evidence of inaccuracies in the purported levels of Debts and the National Deficit are rife, as are examples of how the average family’s income is inadequate to cover their cost of living. The DWP’s latest figures show an average 73 deaths per week resulting from Welfare Reform, supposing those numbers remain static, 3796  mums, dads, brothers, sisters, children will die in the UK 2012, because of One Government Policy (Footnotes for sources)

From this I have to conclude that the Government, and the Cabinet especially, are guilty of  Deflection or at the very least Petulance. This stance is taken particularly by Ministers, who appear only to pleased to overlook even their own evidence of damage as they continue to breeze along,showering more potentially life threatening Cuts upon certain groups of Society, flagrantly ignoring the fact that these are People they are elect to Serve.

But if the Government are Guilty of Deflecting, then so are we the Public; we are happy to campaign in our millions about the threat of badgers being culled, whilst choosing not to accept that amongst Eleven Million People with a limiting long term illness, impairment or disability, most are striving to simply survive.

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4 thoughts on “Omnishambles, Petulance OR Sheer Disregard?

  1. Excellent blog Jayne.

    The current culture of petulant denial and insensitive pursuing of policies, based upon lies, propaganda and spin, have been exposed by campaign groups on the internet.
    Yet politics still doesn’t connect with the wider population via mainstream media.
    My concern, is the Orwellian measures already in place, to monitor and censor freedom of movement and communications between critics of those who seek to exploit society.
    Trust in authority and institutions is falling daily.
    It is hard to see the wood for the trees, when trust and intellectual capital is so low.
    Government austerity programs are designed specifically to weed out, the weaker performing companies and individuals in the economy.
    Free market democracy is a myth.
    Legal and business entities, along with the individuals who exploit them, do so for broadly selfish aims.
    There are always exceptions.
    But capitalism and oligarchy which goes un checked, does not benefit the wider social fabric.
    Political thinking is trying to radically change the global, national and local economy by shrinking it and tightening it, too quickly.
    There is little realization of the feelings or consequences of a group of people it deems as collateral damage perhaps?

    I don’t believe the west has the moral high ground it once had after WWIi.
    Since 9/11, countless men, women and children have died as a result of wars, that I don’t even know why we are fighting them any longer?
    Human life is cheap, political hubris and public ignorance, fed by government and big business, is now psychologically unstable.
    Too many powerful yet morally bankrupt people affecting too many people, without fear of consequences.

    The time to change has come.
    Humanity is better connected and more knowledgeable now, than ever before in history.
    Human interests must come before business interests.
    Let us all remember, we work to live, not live to work.
    Those that tell us otherwise, I suspect have either never had to do a job for a boss before, or are propelled by a thirst for knowledge or a deep seated insecurity.
    Either way, the zeitgeist of or time, mixes three rapidly changing generations, the baby boomers who never had it so good, the generation X rebels and the generation Yers who seek to make sense of a world that has changed exponentially in the past 70 years.

    Human nature can easily be lead astray by authority.
    The most important thing we must reinforce within each other, is that we naturally care about each other.


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