Dear David Cameron .. “The Great Lie”

Letter written to David Cameron by Keith Ordinary Guy.
Keith’s campaign featured on his blog is a series of letters to David Cameron, and Keith writes a letter every single day.

Thursday 01 November 2012.

The Great Lie.

Dear Mr. Cameron,

I have been trying to think of anything in our history that compares with what you have done to us and to our country. The burning question for me is, is your austerity story the greatest lie ever told to this nation? My inescapable conclusion is that it is because of the scale of misery and suffering you have unleashed on the strength of it and which you pursue through a fantastic web of deceit that has spread to cover the entire country in an unprecedented reign of ruin in the lives of ordinary people.  

The enclosed graph shows the history of the UK national debt as a percentage of GDP, today’s position nestles in the foothills of towering mountains of past debt during which there was no hint of the witch hunt you have deliberately undertaken against the poorest and most vulnerable people in the land. Whilst cash starved hospitals are facing bankruptcy we learnt yesterday that a £1.4 billion underspend on the NHS has been returned to the treasury. We have watched helplessly as you have poured billions of pounds into private hands and asset stripped the nation with obscene and care less abandon whilst the DWP and Atos are responsible for inflicting a scale of misery and despair that has no precedent in this country that I can think of. Your name will not by any means be the only one to go down in infamy, it will just be the one at the top of the list.  

Yours sincerely,

Keith, an ordinary guy. 

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1 thought on “Dear David Cameron .. “The Great Lie”

  1. The greatest worry, is the number of poor people, turning to right wing, fascist political views.
    The legacy of the Tory party, is the Machiavellian principles of divide & rule, smoke and mirrors, propaganda and deception.
    Society has a beating heart and feelings, it bleeds red, whilst the industrialists and their bought politicians, hack at our Limbs.


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