Forgotten Wisdom


Forgotten (or ignored) wisdom From Alittleecon We seem to have forgotten (or ignore) so much of what we should already know. Here’s former Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Marriner Eccles talking about the false equivalence of household and government debt in 1938 … Continue reading

Dear David Cameron .. “The Great Lie”


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Letter written to David Cameron by Keith Ordinary Guy. Keith’s campaign featured on his blog is a series of letters to David Cameron, and Keith writes a letter every single day. Thursday 01 November 2012. The Great Lie. Dear Mr. … Continue reading

Why does the Structural Deficit remind me of LIBOR?


(I know this might sound rather boring but the facts are actually a bit incredible…) The London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) is a benchmark interest rate used broadly all over the world and affects trillions of dollars of loans worldwide – mortgage … Continue reading