Nottingham meets the Modern Robin Hood, Jeremy Corbyn


Jeremy Corbyn has met tremendous support for people all around England, Scotland and Wales. This has not been seen in the Labour movement for generations. Take a LOOK at the queues waiting to listen to Jeremy Corbyn speak in Nottingham, … Continue reading

Where Austerity Fails, Corbynomics Can Succeed


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Why Corbynomics can succeed By Michael Burke Previously published here on Socialist Economic Bulletin The debate surrounding Labour’s leadership contest is being marred by name-calling and red-baiting. Perhaps this is inevitable but it is regrettable. Britain remains in an economic … Continue reading

Facts: The Beneficiaries of the Dangerous Trade Deals – like TTIP


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Dangerous Trade Deals Threatening Democracy and Rights UNISON have produced a useful document on international trade deals. The European Union is currently negotiating three major trade agreements that could have a profound impact on public services, regulation in the public … Continue reading

The Changing Face of Europe – As Greece says NO, what will we say?


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The Changing Face of Europe – and The World Socialists differ from nationalists in that their concern for the welfare of others is not confined to arbitrary boundaries of nations and states. In modern times, as transport and technology has … Continue reading

The Real Greek Crisis, – Bryan Gould


The Real Greek Crisis By Bryan Gould Most people will feel that they don’t need to look far for an explanation as to what lies behind the Greek crisis. Lazy reporting and racial stereotyping will persuade them that the Greeks … Continue reading

How the The Reverse March of Labour Led to Defeat in May


The Reverse March of Labour. What went wrong in May By Bryan Gloud and Carl Rowlands, Previously published here With the Labour Party still reeling in the wake of May’s electoral disaster, New Left Project spoke to Gould about what … Continue reading