High level child abuse cover-up? Why has Theresa May barred a US journalist from the UK?

A US investigative journalist has been completely barred from visiting the UK by the UK Border Agency – headed by Home Secretary Theresa May – after it was discovered the reporter was investigating the existence of a very high-level paedophile ring centred around UK children’s homes.

The journalist – Leah McGrath Goodman – has been excluded from the UK for over a year now with no sign Ms May is willing to change her mind.

Ms Goodman’s blog can be seen here:


Why on earth has the Home Secretary agreed to this bizarre and unprecedented exclusion of an independent journalist who previously had a UK Tier-1 visa?

Is it because Ms May is afraid an independent journalist from outside the UK media establishment might be more likely to shine a light on fellow senior Tory Party members’ involvement in the growing child abuse scandal?

Over to you Theresa.


Here’s a petition on Change.org, urging the UK government to restore Ms Goodman’s UK Tier-1 visa:

Restore the visa of banned journalist Leah McGrath Goodman


4 thoughts on “High level child abuse cover-up? Why has Theresa May barred a US journalist from the UK?

  1. I don’t know, Tom, but the last thing this scandal needs is reduction to a party-political point-scoring issue. from either side. Labour is far from innocent (labour25.org, Tom Driberg, etc) and the Liberals need to resist the temptation to invade the moral high ground under check, as well, given the shenanigans of the 1970s and Jeremy Thorpe. All parties are involved, and so are ‘no parties’ – the extent is quite stunningly huge. But one thing there is in common – connections in high places.

    But I can see no reason why Ms Goodman was barred from the UK – correction: I can see no LEGITIMATE reason why. At the time she was – a year ago – the Haut La Garenne story was still being actively suppressed. The surge of revelations is turning into a tidal wave that the authorities in Jersey will be unable to resist but until then, honest police and politicians (as well as journalists) will continue to be harassed and fitted up. Of whatever party.


    • I take your point that this is not a subject that should descend into party political posturing and I admit my last comments may have been taking a cheap shot.
      However, it’s still a scandal Ms Goodman was barred and we definitely need an explanation from May on this specific matter.


  2. You can ask the same question of Ian Le Marquand. Who he, I hear you ask? – well, he is the States of Jersey’s Home Affairs minister. Come to that, there are an awful lot of other questions you might ask him about Haut de la Garenne and various other sites in Jersey where abuse is known to have taken place.

    His e-mail is i.lemarquand at gov.je (and no, this is not a breach of data protection in either Jersey or the UK; the address is publicly advertised on the States’ website, along with his home address, personal e-mail and home telephone number)


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