Have You Drawn Your Curtains, Dearie?

Have You Drawn Your Curtains, Dearie?

by julijuxtaposed

First posted on December 20, 2012

And what time did you get up?

Or are you still in bed?

Quick! You have to raise your blinds –

The Government said.

Apparently you’re lazy

If your curtains remain closed

(Even though it keeps the heat in and the frostbite from your toes).

You haven’t booked some time off

And you can’t have just forgotten

And you certainly aren’t ill in bed and feeling really rotten.

No p.m. naps for pregnant mothers,

‘Itches’ scratched in daylight hours –

Sod spontaneous, ardent lovers!

No more privacy from others

Peeping through your windowpane:

Hey Striver! Are you On the Game?

Hey Skiver! Are you on the take?

What do you mean, your carer’s late?

Don’t start that ‘bedroom tax’ complaint!

Disabled people: show restraint!

Stop whining about challenges

When everyone else manages.

Night-shift/shift-workers, why despair –

The Government don’t know you’re there –

‘Coz only daytime work is counted:

Idlers sleep once Sun has mounted.

Night-owls? Oh, they’re just Life’s scroungers,

Welfare cheats and baked-spud loungers.

Diktats raining from on high,

Rein and reigning by and by…

Designers from that Ivory Tower

Seek to make you bend and cower.

If you can’t prove that you are up

You’re just not striving hard enough.

If you conform to homily

You’re one hard working family!

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