Decarbonising the economy: How we can finance it.

TEDxUtrechtUniversity – Ann Pettifor – Decarbonising the economy: How we can finance it.

Uploaded on May 13, 2011

Ann Pettifor is a director of PRIME, an economic think-tank, and a Fellow of the New Economics Foundation. She has won wide acclaim for her work in explaining how society can finance the Green New Deal. By helping us understand the ‘magic’ of quantitative easing, she explains that, as a society, we can afford what we can do – within the limits of the ecosystem.

Ann Pettifor demonstrates the direct links between the deregulation of credit by the Heath government in 1971 – the Barber boom – the increase in consumption and impact on the environment.  UNEP estimate that decarbonising the economy will cost $2.3 trillion which is absolutely possible if we transform the role of the banks into being the servants, rather than the masters of the economy.

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