Labour’s Panicky Establishment is Referencing the Wrong Period in History : Ann Pettifor


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By Ann Pettifor @annpettifor  referencing-the-wrong-period-in-history Previously published on Prime Economics Blog Governor of the bank of England Montagu Norman with Labour Prime Minister Ramsay Macdonald “This young country will be proud of its identity and its place in the world, … Continue reading

Antidote to Osborne’s fairytale economics


Panel of leading economists discuss and debate the true state of the economy and the lies underpinning the Government’s austerity programme. The panel includes: Owen Jones, Journalist James Meadway, Senior Economist, New Economics Foundation Ann Pettifor, Prime Economics Micheal Burke, … Continue reading

Decarbonising the economy: How we can finance it.


TEDxUtrechtUniversity – Ann Pettifor – Decarbonising the economy: How we can finance it. Uploaded on May 13, 2011 Ann Pettifor is a director of PRIME, an economic think-tank, and a Fellow of the New Economics Foundation. She has won wide acclaim … Continue reading