An economic reality check – keeping out the giraffes

Economics/Limits to growth

Tim Jackson

Asks the question why human beings do not do the blindingly obvious when faced with the manifest dangers of climate warming.  However to date, the only thing to check carbon emissions has been recession.  Tim Jackson pin-points the human desire for novelty/conspicuous consumption which is exploited by the prevailing materialist economic model and underpinned by the expansion of easy credit since the 70s.

He suggests the need to develop different ideas about meaningful prosperity which not only stops wasting material resources but also meets the psychological need that Adam Smith called ‘a life without shame’.  There are much better economic models that would   fulfill the individual’s need ‘to create the social world and to find a place for themselves within it’.

2 thoughts on “An economic reality check – keeping out the giraffes

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  2. There are indeed better economic models but the people in charge, the banksters, don’t want to relinquish the authority they have in this one. It’s becoming increasingly clear, they go or we do. All of us.


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