Whatever Osborne says, not all ‘debt’ is the same


Corbynomics: winning with policy clarity by Michael Burke first posted 15th october 2015 Economic policy is central to the survival and eventual victory of the new Labour leadership, even though it is clearly not the only issue.  Contrary to the usual Tory … Continue reading

The economy is not growing strongly


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Crisis hasn’t gone away.  Corbynomics will be increasingly necessary. By Michael Burke   First posted 17.09.15 at http://socialisteconomicbulletin.blogspot.co.uk   One of the most widely repeated falsehoods about the British economy is the assertion that it is growing strongly and that the … Continue reading

Yvette Cooper hasn’t got the economics right


In the last of the Labour leadership debates, Yvette Cooper repeated her attack on Jeremy Corbyn’s economic strategy.  As a New Keynesian, she believes that since the economy is finally growing, the time for government investment or a fiscal stimulus … Continue reading

The Massive Cash Hoard of Western Companies


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The cash hoard of Western companies By Michael Burke Published previously  by  Socialist Economic Bulletin  Supporters of ‘austerity’ would have a very strong argument if there really were no money left. In that case, opponents of current policy would be … Continue reading

Flawed political economics are behind the calls for fiscal conservatism


Flawed political economics are behind the calls for fiscal conservatism By Michael Lloyd  Article previously published here by Class Online, and reproduced by kind permission, Notwithstanding the social democratic motivation of the writers of the recent essay Moving Labour ‘into the black’, … Continue reading



OCCUPY In London, New York and Bangkok Occupy is all the talk London, New York and Belfast Wall Street thought it wouldn’t last The Politicians come and go Yet we see the movement grow These banker boys each sold their … Continue reading