Whatever Osborne says, not all ‘debt’ is the same


Corbynomics: winning with policy clarity by Michael Burke first posted 15th october 2015 Economic policy is central to the survival and eventual victory of the new Labour leadership, even though it is clearly not the only issue.  Contrary to the usual Tory … Continue reading

The economy is not growing strongly


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Crisis hasn’t gone away.  Corbynomics will be increasingly necessary. By Michael Burke   First posted 17.09.15 at http://socialisteconomicbulletin.blogspot.co.uk   One of the most widely repeated falsehoods about the British economy is the assertion that it is growing strongly and that the … Continue reading

Antidote to Osborne’s fairytale economics


Panel of leading economists discuss and debate the true state of the economy and the lies underpinning the Government’s austerity programme. The panel includes: Owen Jones, Journalist James Meadway, Senior Economist, New Economics Foundation Ann Pettifor, Prime Economics Micheal Burke, … Continue reading

It is the Tories who have a 30% strategy


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It is the Tories who have a 30% strategy by Michael Burke First posted on Socialist Economic Bulletin 20.05.14 Ed Miliband is accused of having a ‘35% strategy’, meaning that he is banking on doing only just enough to win an … Continue reading

Has Austerity led to a Recovery? (Hint: No)


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Did austerity lead to recovery? No, GDP was increased by government spending By Michael Burke First posted on Socialist Economic Bulletin 9th September 2013 The government and its supporters have been quick to claim that the most recent GDP data … Continue reading

Britain’s High Spend on Foreign Wars and Adventures Must End


Britain can increase investment by slashing military spending By Michael Burke (From Socialist Economic Bulletin) The momentous decision by Parliament on August 29 not to participate in a military attack on Syria raises important points both for the trends in … Continue reading

Austerity – Why do we have it, and what is the Alternative?


Why do we have Austerity, and What is the Alternative? previously published by Socialist Economic Bulletin By Michael Burke The national launch of the People’s Assembly Against Austerity is a very welcome development. It brings together a number of the … Continue reading