Never mind a UK referendum on ceding power to Brussels. What about China?

Everyone’s talking about how we’ve lost sovereignty to the EU and how we should have a referendum before any more powers are handed over to Brussels – but what about this government’s decision to sell off our infrastructure to foreign countries like China?

Chinese state investment and control in UK water, nuclear power, rail, gas, airports and telecommunications – or by private firms with close links to Beijing  – is already growing massively and is set to expand even more in the next couple of years as the government sells off more and more of our infrastructure to foreign investors.

The mouthpiece of China’s Communist Party – the People’s Daily – just two days ago described the country’s forthcoming investment in UK infrastructure as ‘explosive’.

See the English version of its article here:

China’s investment in UK will be ‘explosive’

Maybe you feel relaxed about the fact that a country with a disastrous record on rail safety, human rights, water pollution and communication censorship is being allowed to take control of our water, rail, communications, nuclear power etc.

But if we’re going to have a referendum on how much power the EU has over us, shouldn’t we have one over how much control of our infrastructure we’re handing to foreign countries like China?

Surely these things are much more important than whether prisoners have the right to vote or whatever the latest spat over the EU is?

What do you think?


Here’s a related article about Chinese investment in UK water:

The government’s allowing our water, gas and electricity to be sold to the Chinese and no-one seems to be noticing

3 thoughts on “Never mind a UK referendum on ceding power to Brussels. What about China?

  1. This wud be serious. Britains Currency is backed by our Infrastructure,now there is no Gold Standard. Can the Gov’t sell off Our assets without permission from the PEOPLE.


  2. One wonders where the Coalition think they’re going to live. If it’s in this country they’re not going to be immune to the effects from this themselves. If it’s somewhere else, then where? Where in the world is immune from this kind of thing?


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