6 thoughts on “What does the government’s austerity plan mean for you?

  1. I’m a college lecturer. I live in Scotland and, thanks to devolution, students still get funded to come to college. This does not mean that we are unaffected however. We have lost hundreds of teaching staff over the past couple of years, student numbers are extremely low and are being capped, courses are being cut and this are looking to get even worse. The coalition government are the worst kind of scum !


  2. As a pensioner I feel particularly bad as in a bid to secure votes this rotten government are deliberately keeping rich pensioners out of the fray. the poor ones are particularly hard hit but there are thousands of rich middle class pensioners who have no idea as to what is happening.

    One particularly abhorrent aspect is the bedroom tax on benefit recipients whilst thousands of rich pensioners living in owner occupied properties are exempt. Whilst we have this sanctioned discrimination at the centre of power there is no hope for this rotten country.


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