Children suffer from Banker’s Greed


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While the bankers are making massive wealth in the UK, not seen since Victorian times, the Dickensian levels of poverty reflect those times too. These are both outcomes of an unbridled capitalist system. The first outcome causes the other. That … Continue reading

UK Is Home To 73% Of Europe’s Millionaire Bankers, alongside Dickensian Poverty


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The Bankers in London are accruing colossal riches not known in living memory, indeed, not seen since Victorian Times, when Charles Dickens was writing about extreme poverty among working classes. There are ten ways that The Tory Party have entranced … Continue reading

Labour Leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn, Speaking at Tolpuddle


Jeremy Corbyn Speaks at Tolpuddle, 19th July 2015 The significance of six men from Tolpuddle in Dorset and their families made to the lives of working people, leading to trade unions, and to democracy is unbeknown to many, who learn of … Continue reading

Is Time up for “The Big Lie”?


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Is Time up for ‘The Big Lie’? Jim Grundy The ‘Big Lie’ theory is best summed up by the well-known phrase that if you’re going to tell a lie, tell a big one, repeat it often enough and you’ll be … Continue reading

On the Road to Recovery..


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On The Road To Recovery  by Trevor Bacon I nearly stood there holding the paper up high to proclaim my utter contempt at the headline. My habit when entering a supermarket is to first, after getting the obligatory metal basket … Continue reading

Bankers + Tax Havens = Lower wages, benefits and pensions


This video clip of the ‘looting of America’ exposes the same type of looting that is occurring in the UK.  In fact, it is generally accepted that the City of London is an even more criminogenic environment than Wall Street.  Banks that are … Continue reading

Does paying big bonuses result in higher performance?


Does paying big bonuses result in higher performance? First posted on March 23, 2013 by alittleecon The issue of bonuses is quite a divisive issue (divisive in the sense that most people think they have got way out of hand, while a small minority think … Continue reading