Children suffer from Banker’s Greed


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While the bankers are making massive wealth in the UK, not seen since Victorian times, the Dickensian levels of poverty reflect those times too. These are both outcomes of an unbridled capitalist system. The first outcome causes the other. That … Continue reading

Labour make a bold step forward to a National Education Service


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Thank goodness for the Labour Party. Labour gave me and many others a good, comprehensive education, maintenance grants, and all free at point of use. I have always loved learning. A National Education Service free for us all, from cradle … Continue reading

From Cradle to Grave – Jeremy Corbyn’s N.E.S. will transform and rebuild Education in Britain


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 From Cradle to Grave – Jeremy Corbyn’s National Education Service The Labour Party achieved a landslide victory after the war. It must have been so exciting looking forward to peace, to the promise of a better world for ordinary people. … Continue reading

Young Eyes to see a Future for Labour.


Jeremy Corbyn’s new politics is about mutual respect, open debate and inclusivity. The problem is that MPs of all parties have become so out of touch with public opinion, which is why the referendum result took them all by surprise. … Continue reading

Mr Cameron, please learn this Lesson. “Children who are Fearful to go to school do not need Punishment.”


Mr Cameron has clearly different experiences in life than those who he serves as Prime Minister.  As Maria Montessori has said, “It is the child who makes the man, and no man exists who was not made by the child he … Continue reading

Midwives Standing Together – When We Have Had #ENOUGH


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There are many good people  in working reponsible roles in society. They are not earning a fortune; they are doing jobs because they care, careers they are proud of – because they want to make a difference. But caring is … Continue reading

So What’s Wrong with Academisation? 10 Myths and Facts to Disprove Them


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What’s Wrong with Academies? The policy of the break up of our Local Education Authorities, pitching schools against one another in an ultra-competitive environment has nothing to do with learning, nothing to do with improving standards, and everything to do … Continue reading