Bill Oddie’s Bankwatch

From Global Witness:  Bill Oddy tracks the most destructive species on earth – bankers.

Bill Oddie’s BankWatch

Published on May 13, 2013

Why was Bill Oddie evicted from HSBC’s London HQ? Watch the film to find out. Sign petition for change here:…

The UK’s biggest bank has so far made around £100 million by providing loans and services to some of the most destructive logging companies in the world, often in violation of its own policies.

Please sign the public petition to HSBC CEO Stuart Gulliver calling for the bank to stop profiting from the disappearing rainforests of Borneo. We can stop this.

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6 thoughts on “Bill Oddie’s Bankwatch

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  4. Of course its nothing to do with the bankers , they have a really good education ,they know much more than the common man / woman ,they live in there nice houses ,bills all paid with there large wages/bonus,s ,probably eat out most nights , wrapped in cotton wool they have no idea about the real world , god help us normal folks cause it will be back to the workhouses soon , then they can get back to ruling the world again .


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