Enough is Enough


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None of us, none of us is tolerant of terrorism. We are sad, angry, shocked and hurt. But we aren’t stupid. Cuts to police and army because of ideological austerity is bad enough. But these awful acts are funded by … Continue reading

A fairer society means breaking the big business stranglehold on politics


Labour’s challenge to fight inequalities and rebuild democracy rests on addressing Britain’s ‘finance curse’ If the next Labour leader wants a fairer society, they must break the big business stranglehold on politics. by Nick Dearden Re-posted from openDemocracy 10.09.15 In … Continue reading

They Knew – They Lied: ExxonMobil and Climate Change


They Knew, They Lied: ExxonMobil and Climate Change By Daniel Ross, Truthout | Report Between 1956 and 1964, Bell Laboratories produced a number of television specials titled “The Bell Laboratories Science Series.” The topics ranged from an examination of the … Continue reading

Naming Names – Ninety Companies Destroying the Planet


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Naming Names: The 90 Companies Destroying Our Planet  Jon Queally, Previously Published by Common Dreams Analysis highlights the small number of profit-driven entities that are driving us towards destruction, but can a climate revolution from below challenge their rule? Chevron Texaco … Continue reading

Grangemouth and the EU/WTO


Grangemouth and the EU/WTO By Syzygysue Also published here  on Politics and Parasites The dispute at Grangemouth is the old trick of provoking industrial action – then holding the workforce to ransom by threatening their jobs unless they agree to the draconian … Continue reading

The Koch Brothers’ Amazing Climate Change Denial


Climate Change, Propaganda  and the Koch Brothers. What can we believe? Our own eyes? The press?  Much has been said and written about the power of the media, and the rich whose tool it is to achieve their ends. Furthermore … Continue reading