How much longer?

How much longer?

First posted on May 16, 2013

I look to the mainstream media for some honest reporting and perspective – Ha!

I look to the Opposition for some counter-arguments, some persuasive alternatives – Ha!

And I look to the Government – yeah, that body of representatives whose wages we pay to manage our common affairs and interests on our behalf. That bunch of cretins who fought tooth and nail for the chance to be in charge and will no doubt convince themselves to try again in 2015. Ha!

For how much longer do the good people of this country have to bang on about the need for repairs and new infrastructure? I shan’t patronise with a list, for it is endless – and the number of people ready, willing and able to participate in such large and essential projects is also becoming endless. But you don’t need me to explain about the scourge of unemployment, the reasons for underemployment, the plight of our untrained and despondent youth, the complete and utter waste of brain and brawn…

How many times do the good citizens of this country need to suggest the lowering of house prices – both for sale and rent? How many times do we need to explain that the landlords are the rentiers; that the surveyors and mortgage companies determine what a property is worth?

How many people need to be made homeless before it’s acknowledged that there are not enough affordable houses? How much longer will the Government get away with this bedroom tax abomination, given that for many, that bedroom is not an extra room at all and in light of there being no alternative housing for those who would be happy to downsize?

For how much longer are the lucky employers of this country going to have their wages bill subsidised by the government in the form of tax credits? For how much longer will the taxpayers put up with their hard-earned contributions going to this curious and very uncapitalist subsidisation of wages?

When is someone going to say that paying some poor sop a pittance to look after someone else’s kid so the parent can go and work for another pittance is just plain crazy and mostly serves a cold and futile ideology? Where on earth did this obsession come from that every single adult must work in some governmentally recognised capacity for it to even be considered a worthwhile occupation?

When is someone going to tell that Iain Dontcare Smith that a few disabled people aren’t going to save the economy by being made to work at some meaningless job which still requires loads of government subsidy because employers tend to have to be blackmailed into employing them? Whose needs is IDS serving?

When is someone going to ram this empty but plainly loaded “make work pay” phrase up the ivory towers of these disingenuous MPs? We all know it’s not about getting a wage you can live on, but about reducing benefits to a level on which you obviously can’t. Given the magnificent economic incompetence of this Coalition, this is a nasty attitude at best.

But then, when is the good British public going to tell this government that all their welfare reforms are cruel, given the economic climate? That if you want to weed out the genuinely feckless or lazy, you have to provide a climate in which they become self-evident rather than merely accused as such by carping government ministers and high-horsed media stenographers. Apparently “welfare’ shouldn’t be a lifestyle choice” but who is in charge and who hasn’t provided any real alternatives? When will the public ask whose “choice” it actually is?

When will the good people remind this government and media that Brits are perfectly happy to do the jobs immigrants do, that it’s not the nature of the job but the deliberately low wages these jobs come with? When will the public realise that it’s only possible to live on such poor wages when you’re single and prepared to share your accommodation with 20 other people because you imagine and hope that this will be temporary? When will government and media acknowledge that it is policy and slack stewardship which create the climate possible for both immigrants and British citizens to be exploited and undercut in their wages, working conditions and accommodation?

And when, oh when will the good people of this country stop blaming immigrants and Europe for all the ills which plague this nation? When will it realise that Europe doesn’t just hand down some edict which can’t be questioned or modified – that governments are largely free to interpret most EU guidelines in their own ways and that that is exactly what they do. It’s called expedient political gaming when a government claims its hands are tied by Europe.

When are the good people going to tell this government that they know who makes the rules by which HMRC must operate? The likes of Amazon and Google are doing what any business would be sensible to do: maximising their profits and paying out as little in tax and other overheads as they can get away with. Who sets the rules? Who decides what ‘evasion’ is and what is ‘avoidance’?

When are the good people of this country going to rail at the government for its bigotry and ineptitude? When are the rational citizens going to declare war on short-sighted, ignorant, crass and divisive policies?

I’m not looking for answers here. This is just a rant. Like you, I already know what I want most of the solutions to look like.

9 thoughts on “How much longer?

  1. At the moment there’s no political outlet for such frustration as all three main parties appear to have the same policies. That needs to change as without expression frustration will simply keep building until something explodes.


  2. Hang on a moment, where did the phrase “good people of this country” originate? if the people of this country were so good it would not be the fascist little place that it is.

    These “good people” are the very ones that vote for self interest at elections are the same people who set the agenda for the feckless politicians by insisting on their own greed being satisfied at the expense of the poor and vulnerable.

    Just look at the thousands of people who read such right wing rags as the Mail and Express and you will see what base instincts drive the majority of the so called “good people” .


    • I would have thought that it was abundantly clear that those of whom you rightly complain are not the ‘good people’ of which I speak. I would have thought that it was also abundantly clear by the tone of my post, that I am using the term as a rhetorical device only. Ho hum… 😉


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  4. ah, yes …. and ask Liam Byrne about his views on the bedroom tax and he will say that he has no plans to repeal it …. and ask everyone in the labour party what they are doing there if the don’t believe the leadership and they say …. erm …. well we can change it from within …. erm no you can’t or it would have been done already …. time for all those ‘good people’ who think a right wing labour party is not the answer to pack up and get outta there now and maybe be in the vanguard of a new party that truly represents the people not the elites …… I dare you ……………


    • Euww! ‘Liam Byrne’! … Chortle… That’s equal to swearing!
      Erm… It should never be assumed that … erm… because one slags off the right that the erm … left is automatically elevated in its place… erm … the world is a little more complicated than that kind of either/or simplification!
      Nowhere in this article does it mention Labour – neither its left nor its right….. Try not to extrapolate so wildly or to project your assumptions – they are wrong…… I dare you……………….


      • Juli
        I actually enjoyed your comment and thought about how many of us would say the same thing. This is a left leaning blog – ‘think left’ rather gives it away. My comment about the current labour party is a challenge to those within it who can’t abide the leadership or direction the party takes. In reality there is no opposition party to the most menadcious group of ‘wide-eyed loons’ as they are calling themselves now – labout too readily wants to be more tory than the tory party. My point is relevant because so many are looking to labour and finding there’s nothing there.
        So please don’t patronise me as I don’t like it. what is it about left wing blogs? are they really that precious??????????????????


      • You’re quite right, Justin. Consider me told, if you like. Now you have clarified your response I find I agree wholeheartedly! Your first comment just didn’t read that way at all, especially with all the ‘erms’. And because replies are usually directed toward the author, it struck me as rambling and rather sarcastic. In fact, I felt that you were ridiculing and patronising – and obviouslyI don’t like it either! Of course your point is relevant. I’ve made the same points elsewhere. I’m not being precious. I don’t care what people think of my views. I merely answered your response in a like style. Sorry you didn’t appreciate it. I mean you no offence and I am reassured that you actually meant me none either. 🙂


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