Fracking Crazy

From Suzanne Kelsey
They are going to bring a gigantic drill
Down your quiet sleepy country lane
Cause a lot of upheaval and disruption
That could easily drive you all insane
They are going to do some fracking
Pump toxic chemicals to break up shale
With irreversible damage to the earth
And your beautiful hill and vale
They are going to shake the earth’s foundations
Make great cracks for goodness sake
Scaring you, your family and neighbours
By creating a frightening earth quake
They are going to pump in toxic chemicals
And make gallons of contaminated waste water
That could get into your domestic supply
And possibly harm your son or daughter
They are going to light naked flames of methane
This they most definitely cannot hide
For they will be many metres high
And dotted around the countryside
They are going to ignore renewable energy
That could make good use of wind and solar power
Instead create another greenhouse effect
Climate change happening each and every hour
They are going to cause environmental hazards
Releasing a harmful volatile compound
In the polluted air above you
And acid rain falling upon the ground
They are going to cause distress
Anger. opposition and fear
As they press on with this fracking boom
Large swathes of rural areas will simply disappear
They are going to think only about wealth not health
Because they know the price of everything
Sadly no one sees the hidden costs
They know the value of absolutely nothing.

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