The West Protests Too Much

The West Protests Too Much

First posted on September 13, 2013 by Julijuxtaposed

It’s about regime change – No!  Wait – It’s absolutely not about regime change – except for the Assad must go bit.  It’s about security.  No, wait a minute: it’s about punishment.  Or was that national interest?  You want to arm the rebels?  Even things up a bit?  Which rebels?  You know discernment isn’t your best faculty, don’t you?  What?  Oh, it’s about credibility.. Huh?  Sorry, I must have misheard…  Did you say credibility?  What about the boots on the ground?  Yes, I know what you said but is that still ‘a go’ anyway?

Just how stupid do the Dear Leaders think we are?  As stupid as them, apparently…

It’s ok for the American, French and British regimes to throw their weight around but when Putin does it it’s suddenly very bad form.  Now, I’m no fan of the Putin Regime.  I’m no fan of the Cameron Regime, either – or Obama’s. (I also don’t presume that any leader is representative of his/her citizens or subjects either.  Those days seem long gone, if they ever existed.)  People who agree with the verbal contribution coming out of Russia’s mouth are being deliberately treated as though s/he were a fool who has somehow forgotten or lovingly overlooked Putin’s domestic record and his nation’s history.  It’s a good enough proposal that everyone wants to take credit for it but, oh dear, oh dear!  How embarrassing for the warmongers: it’s Russia’s coup and Putin knows how to play chess…

The Western powers do protest too much.  Except when it comes to China, of course.  Funny that…

We are not ignorant of the double standards within the Putin Regime any more than we are ignorant of ours: every pointing finger; every snide remark can be turned back in accusation to our own Regimes.  The irony is simply inescapable:

Obama says that America is ‘exceptional’ but he and his Regime seem to have confused the meaning with ‘take exception to’ and ‘make exception for’.  I suppose it goes some way to explaining why the US shies away from the International Criminal Court; or why no one can have chemical weapons except them – and perhaps Israel: the former not thus far having destroyed theirs and the latter, not having even ratified the Chemical Weapons Convention.  Netanyahu wants Syria stripped of chemical weapons and for the world to ensure that those who use Weapons of Mass Destruction pay a price, but will Benjamin go first?  Not likely.  Apparently he’s special.

Now, I’m as horrified by chemical/biological weapons as the next Being.  I shouldn’t even need to clarify that, should I?  But then, I didn’t think I’d have a need to say I’m no great fan of Putin.  Or that I didn’t support Saddam just because I was against invading Iraq…  Naturally I would like to see these chemical weapons gone (along with many other types) but why being gassed is deemed more terrifying or horrific than being gang-raped or having your jaw blown off is a little curious.  Is it a numbers thing, because I hear that missiles are also problematic on that score…

Russia is denigrated over and over again while big, powerful, enigmatic and economically threatening China is left largely alone.  Russia is castigated time after time for her use of the UN veto and yet the US has exercised a veto fourteen times since 1991 (in 13 cases to shield Israel, as it happens), while Russia has used it nine times.  Personally, I would shut up about that, wouldn’t you?  Apparently it is Russia having vested interests which has put Syria in a worse condition because, well, the varied interests of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, the UK, the EU, the USA and Israel couldn’t possibly be factors as well, could they?  Russia is a bad bear for propping up her economy by propping up the Assad Regime and yet the US and her willing buddies were and still are more than content to support any old despot if it’s expedient to their own purposes.  But god forbid anyone should mention the West’s own very sordid continuum of interest in the region.  The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

Throughout ‘modern’ history the Western powers have made it their primary business to stomp around the world in the name of ‘national interest’.  It’s what empires do before they die.  They’re the ones, mostly, who stir the shit and start the wars; they’re the ones who invade governed and ‘ungoverned spaces’, who plunder, manipulate and oppress; they are the ones who enable fantastical profiteering and then have the audacity to call it help.  Follow the money.  Follow the vested interests.  The connections stem from the usual suspects nearly every time.  Self-Service is what they mean.

Obviously none of us ordinary people has access to a map.  The geo-strategic implications are way over our heads.  It couldn’t possibly be about preserving the petrodollar and the fiat global economy in order to maintain a monopoly over energy resources by perpetual conflict, could it, now…

Unless Assad prevails and the world washes its hands instead of pretending to wring them as he re-subjugates the Syrian people, everyone knows the negotiating table is at the end of this.  Why we can’t skip straight to that part and prove ourselves good students of history and civility is because the usual suspects keep placing pathetic obstacles in the way.  Iran is the ultimate goal of the neo-cons, therefore Iran is the convenient scapegoat for the block.  Removal of Assad is the goal, therefore he is the block.  Yet having Assad (or his successor) at the table is not a threat if he is calmly negotiated out of the equation.  How ridiculous to arbitrarily omit either party from discussion.  And how disingenuously self-righteous to mask the myriad agenda as moral high ground.

One certainty is that, regardless of who used chemical weapons, bombing in the name of saving lives is so ludicrous as to be an insult to the intelligence of every rational mind.  Whether military force is used or not, these powerful monsters are adept at creating win-win scenarios – it’s not over by a long way – and they seem quite immune to collateral damage in any form.  Not one of the vested interests gives a stuff about the actual Syrian people – just as they don’t give a stuff about their own citizens.

Poor old The West!  So sure of its superiority; so uptight; so impressed with its own collective ego that it doesn’t occur to these neo-liberal bozos that they are the real danger to world peace; that they move against Humanity.

The Dear Leaders need us to avoid nuance in favour of dumb simplicity.  They want us to pick a side and they want it to be the side they choose – until they change their minds.  They need our memories to be short, our minds maleable and our overwrought hearts to be easily manipulated.  But we are not all stupid.  And we are not just ‘war-weary’.  Dear Leaders: we are spin-weary.

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