So, we all use Money …but what is Money?

So, What is Money? 

Money is Debt!

  • Personal debt is at its highest level in history – an average of £54,000 per family
  • We currently pay £192 million in interest to the banks every single day
  • Almost no-one under 40 can afford a house
  • Over 2 million people can’t find work in the UK
  • But the government’s ‘answer’ to this debt crisis is to get people to borrow even more… 

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Positive Money is Campaigning to change the Way Money is Created – and has Proposals for How to Fix the Banking System. Perhaps George Osborne should listen! He is ignoring all the expert advice so what is George Osborne playing at? It is probably a great mistake to think that George Osborne, or at least those advising him, do not know what they are doing.  What George Osborne might gain as a result of taking the flak for being the ‘worst Chancellor’ of all times is a matter for speculation.

2 thoughts on “So, we all use Money …but what is Money?

  1. George Osborne and the rest of them, and the banks know exactly what they’re doing. There is no question of ignorance or incompetence and that puts an altogether evil slant on their policies. Positive Money have put their finger exactly on the flaw in the system and they should be supported by everyone on the left. What they advocate should be at the centre of progressive policies for the foreseeable future – until it is achieved. Most people simply don’t realise what it is exactly that the banks do – we are all working for the banks, not the other way round.


  2. There is something unutterably shady about this government ( Osborne included). Why , for instance has there been no public enquiry into the collapse of the banks? The selling off of Northern rock to Richard Branson for a knock down price, raised a few eyebrows. One would hope that everybody is squeaky clean, but alas, human nature being what it is, squeaky clean is rarely the bottom line!


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