Brave Politics – Now Labour Must take on The Banks


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We see it, we fear it – the future of our planet, its sustainable resources, and life as we have known it, collapsing, because of the money system. Can we stop it? HOUSING: We are invited to buy property,  pay … Continue reading

So, we all use Money …but what is Money?


So, What is Money?  Money is Debt! Personal debt is at its highest level in history – an average of £54,000 per family We currently pay £192 million in interest to the banks every single day Almost no-one under 40 … Continue reading

Economics is easy to understand – a ten-year-old explains


During the 2010 election campaign I heard the Sun columnist Kelvin Mackenzie talking about economics. “Economics is very complicated,” he said. “You have to be a genius to understand economics.” This is not true. Economics is easy to understand. Wealth comes from human beings. It’s … Continue reading

Positive Money: How to Fix the Banking System (and make it less socially harmful)

Gallery The privatised creation of money by banks is at the root of debt, poverty, inequality, unaffordable housing. It makes our boom-and-bust economy completely unstable, and is also fueling the environmental and energy crisis. Positive Money have spent the last couple … Continue reading