Ann Pettifor and the uncontrolled banking system

Published on Apr 25, 2012

Renegade Economist talk show with Ann Pettifor

2 thoughts on “Ann Pettifor and the uncontrolled banking system

  1. Unlike mainstream economists Ann Pettifer and Geof Tily predicted the great recession by stating exactly the reasons why it would occur i.e. the implosion of unsustainable private debt. In contrast, right up until mid 2007 the Bank of England was still boasting of its own macroeconomic success!!!!
    But instead of reforming the financial system that got us into this mess the champions and lackeys of the wealthy are using the resulting government deficit as an excuse to make the poor pay for the sins of the rich, while the far right feed of the misery caused with immigrants being made scapegoats and foreigners in general, and even the disabled, being labelled as scroungers. Ann Pettifer is not being alarmist when she likens this to inter-war Germany, look at the rise of UKIP, just a PR front for visceral tribal hatreds.


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