Why should we be very concerned about the current US/EU Free Trade Agreement?

The evidence provided by The Brave New Atlantic Partnership report suggests that TTIP can be understood as the political and class project of an Atlantic elite whose aim appears to be the reversing of social policies in the West and the preservation of European and US leadership internationally. The result of which could be the return and expansion of a ruthless and rule-less Wild West in which business would have the upper hand on the rest of society, within and beyond the Atlantic. It is for these reasons that people in Europe, the US and elsewhere, must mobilize with a view to stop the negotiations and hold our politicians accountable for the threats that such a trade agreement would pose to ourselves and our environment.


Occupy London discussed the US/EU Bi-Lateral Trade Agreement on the 28th October 2013 with Linda Kaucher and Tom Lines, and this loosely edited video of the proceedings offers some of the history and rationales behind the current secret negotiations.

Linda Kaucher has been quoted many times on Think Left in relation to the impacts of these so-called ‘Free Trade Agreements’.  She has written extensively warning of their dangers, most recently in the Chartist under the title ‘Trade Betrayal’.

Thomas Lines has followed the commodity markets for over 30 years as a journalist, lecturer and consultant.  His book, Making Poverty: A History, is published by Zed Books.

The US/EU Free Trade Agreement Panel Discussion

Published on Oct 30, 2013

Tom Lines explanation of FTAs in general 00:00 to 11.15
Linda Kaucher on US-EU FTA specifically 11:15 to 22:50
Q & A 22:50 to end

The draconian policies of the Coalition government can only be properly understood by comprehending their intent to harmonise rules, legislation and conditions with the US market, in anticipation of the EU-US FTA.  This is corporate capture of the UK.

According to Lori Wallach, who heads Public Citizen’s TradeWatch, what corporations “consider trade irritants, we consider the most important consumer, health, environmental, privacy, financial stability safeguards on either side of the Atlantic.”

Trade agreements like this, she told the Times, are simply “an effort to achieve through trade what that they could not achieve through democratic processes domestically.”

Cameron and Obama are committed to rushing the FTA through by the end of 2014…






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