The Pathology of the Rich

The Pathology of the Rich – Chris Hedges on Reality Asserts Itself pt1

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Published on Dec 5, 2013

On RAI with Paul Jay, Chris Hedges discusses the psychology of the super rich; their sense of entitlement, the dehumanization of workers, and mistaken belief that their wealth will insulate them from the coming storms

4 thoughts on “The Pathology of the Rich

  1. Thanks for this video, a well spent 25 minutes. The comment about the disconnect between the language of economics and the economic reality was one of many that feel quite refreshing to hear. Even though the talk was concerned with the US wealthy elite it seems pertinent to the situation in the UK.


  2. Kelv This is depressing, challenging and inspiring – if you have 23 mins have a look. Chris Hedges is an advocate of Class Warfare – which is where the answer lies ( not pushing leaflets through letterboxes) Dai Weston Popular Front



  3. I haven’t watched a video, but I understand the mentality involved. What the rich do not realise, or maybe they do, is that the real struggle has not been about religion, or race , but about wealth. The’ haves’ versus the’ have- nots’. So the rich are planning a ‘New World Order’. well they are right about that. What they mistakingly believe is that the ‘New world Order’ is a world full of rich people, and subordinates, much like what exists today, only better. However, the ‘New World Order’ is going to be much different to that idyllic dream. The poor are many and the rich are few, so there can only be one outcome in this struggle, victory for the poor. Imagine French or Russian revolution, only on a world wide scale. This is a natural progression, it has been occurring throughout history, due to man’s greed, but also to man’s sense of justice. Why it has lasted so long , is due to man’s ignorance. World wide web, and global communication, has educated man , not to subservience, but to international equality. The ‘New World Order’ therefore will have equality as it’s theme. Riches will be distributed equally among survivors. There will never again be ‘Rich’ or ‘Poor’. All will be contributing to the greater good, for nothing more than the sense of being a part of the human race. Greed , and ‘Elitism’ will be punished severely.


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