TTIP Voted down in US Senate

Breaking News: TTIP Trans – Atlantic Trade treaty voted down by the US Senate!


I know it’s been an awful week. But it is not the time to give up – that is precisely what the Tories want. Together we will fight back. Here is a glimmer of hope. News  is just in TTIP has been voted down by US Senate! Now we must keep up the pressure on our own politicians to do the same.   Well done to the campaigners in the US. This shows what can be achieved. It is imperative that we ensure that future governments  can return to the public assets which have been stripped away by the Tories. We must  not lose our NHS for future generations.

 And if you’d rather read about TTIP, there are a lot of resources out there:

Like this report by War on Want’s Executive Director, John Hilary. It goes into a lot of detail about all aspects of the deal, but in a really clear way.

And if you want to know more about the part of TTIP that would let corporations sue the government for laws that protect people, not profits you should read this briefing by Friends of the Earth Europe.

If you want to know more about how TTIP could threaten our NHS, there are a couple of articles that discuss this. Like this article on Open Democracy, again by John Hilary. Or this article from Patients 4 NHS.

If you want to know who’s negotiating TTIP, check out these graphics from Corporate Europe. They shine a light on the corporate lobbyists behind the TTIP talks.

And lastly, if you still haven’t quite got your head around this dodgy trade deal, check out this list of the ten things you need to know.

If you need more informtation on TTIP, follow some of the links below.

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