20:20 Challenge : Day 1 – To Change the Labour Party and Change the Country

Today we’re launching a new challenge for the ‪#‎jeremy4leader‬ campaign. we’re calling it the 20:20 Challenge. 

Day 1 Challenge

Day 1 of 20

Now, we all know the success we’ve had with our online campaigning. It’s the talk of the election campaign. But we also recognise that it will come to very little unless we can turn this social media presence into actual voters and real votes. So today, we’re setting every one of our supporters a challenge which could well ensure that we win this leadership election, and in so doing, change politics in this country for a generation.

What we are asking is that everyone tries to recruit one member or supporter to the Labour Party each day for 20 days – by the 12th of August (the deadline for registration in this election). Ask your partners, your parents and grandparents, your brothers and sisters, your work colleagues, fellow students and union comrades. Make sure they know how to register:

Either by:

1. Becoming a full member (check out discounted rates for students and others):


2. Becoming a ‘supporter’ by texting ‘support’ to 78555 (texts costs £3) or online here:

http://support.labour.org.uk/ (this is also the case if you are a member of a union which is not affiliated to the Labour Party)

3. Registering as a member of an affiliated union (free if a member of an affiliated union – see list here: http://www.labour.org.uk/…/trade-union-and-labour-party-lia…):

http://support.labour.org.uk/ (choose member of affiliated organisation option)

Please note, for all types of membership, you will need to agree to the statement:

“I support the aims and values of the Labour Party, and I am not a supporter of any organisation opposed to it.”

The deadline to register:

August 12th (but do it now!)

Please tell us about your stories and successes below. Thanks


POLL: Who should be Leader of the Labour Party? 

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