Disgraceful Academy Chain Head was *Sick* at GOOD OFSTED rating

Latest Twist on saga of Academy Chain Inspiration Trust

Latest News on Academy Saga

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“Leaked emails to a national newspaper show head of the Inspiration Trust felt sick at a Norwich school’s ‘Good’ Ofsted rating. ‘

There are increasing reports that Academisation has failed, and has always been a veil for back-door privatisation. Recently, Cameron suggested “coasting schools” could also be targets for his Academisation Programme. Academy sponsors clearly do not see schools as educational establishments, merely yet more public assets to be sold off. Hewett school’s OFSTED report is a tribute to the hard working children and teachers, and should be celebrated.  Clearly Dame Rachel De Souza does not agree.

The email correspondence seen by the Guardian newspaper between the head of the trust, Dame Rachel De Souza and its chairman, Sir Theodore Agnew in 2013 has lead to anti-academies campaigner and Norwich South Labour MP Clive Lewis to raise further doubts about the trust’s suitability as a sponsor for the Hewett School.”

Clive said:
“Why would a so-called leader in education feel sick at a school being graded as ‘Good’ by Ofsted?  Imagine how the children would feel if they knew the person who could be running their school next year felt ‘sick’ at them being graded as Good.”

“Being ‘Good’ is a cause for celebration, not dismay, and Dame De Souza should apologise for her remarks. Such comments will only increase resentment amongst the parents and community of the Hewett school who overwhelmingly stated they do not want the Inspiration Trust involved with their school.”

“I shall be writing to the DfE on this matter, questioning why they believe Inspiration and its chief executive are fit to run this school or any other for that matter. It also raises questions again about the politicisation of Ofsted gradings.”

The Hewett has been at the centre of a row locally, with a decision due imminently from the Secretary of State on whether or not the Inspiration Trust takes over the school.  Recent results from a local consultation overwhelmingly showed that local people were against the plans.

Clive has been supporting the “We Back Hewett” campaign.

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