Thinking of Joining Labour? Join us!

Thinking of Joining Labour? Then Join us!

Many people have been surprised at the support shown for Jeremy Corbyn as a candidate for leader of the Labour Party. The truth is, he is different and refreshingly so.

one for all

Now this new-found optimism, – this spark – is igniting the hopes, and yes aspirations of thousands of caring, people around the country. Hard Left?  This is the language of the Tory press, and we need to use our own vocabulary. Jeremy Corbyn is not hard, he is compassionate. He is not extreme left – his policies are  moderate, pragmatic, sensible, socially desirable and formulated to bring justice, fairness, equality and opportunity to the people of this country. (policy link). He offers security to the disabled, sick and elderly. He gives hope to the young with policies such as building housing, protecting the NHS, of a national education system, life-long learning free at the point of use, of equality and of taking on the neoliberal exploitative banking system and tax avoiders.

We have been so used to listening Labour Party entrenched in fear. We need to challenge that fear. It has been a struggle to fight from within but the tide is turning, and Blairites are  in the minority. The Tory press are petrified of Jeremy Corbyn – a good sign! He speaks honestly and truthfully. The Tories cannot cope! Heaven forbid the people might discover what has been going on. But ordinary people do know, and understand and that is why fewer and fewer people have supported Labour at the ballot box.

jeremy house of commons

This is not about one man, Jeremy Corbyn speaks of a team – it is about “we”, a Labour movement, where people matter and people will be listened to. So please join us, we need people just like you. And welcome! The future is ours.

Either by:

1. Becoming a full member (check out discounted rates for students and others):

2. Becoming a ‘supporter’ by texting ‘support’ to 78555 (texts costs £3) or online here: (this is also the case if you are a member of a union which is not affiliated to the Labour Party)

3. Registering as a member of an affiliated union (free if a member of an affiliated union – see list here:…/trade-union-and-labour-party-lia…): (choose member of affiliated organisation option)

Please note, for all types of membership, you will need to agree to the statement:

“I support the aims and values of the Labour Party, and I am not a supporter of any organisation opposed to it.”

The deadline to register:

August 12th (but do it now!)

5 thoughts on “Thinking of Joining Labour? Join us!

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  2. …even the designations ‘left’ and ‘right’ pervert the naturalness of thinking. Ask yourself only: ‘Is this what I want?’


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