Fight the Trade Deals or lose our NHS and public services for good

Whatever politicians and corporate lobbyists tell us, our public services and the NHS are absolutely under threat from the EU-US trade deal (TTIP), the EU-Canadian trade deal (CETA) and the even more secret Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA).  We are in danger of losing any control.  These deals bind in future governments, under international law, and are intended to be irreversible.  In other words, they supercede the democratic decisions of national governments, both now and in the future.

Furthermore, they may be called ‘free trade’ but what they mean, is freedom for corporations and banks not for ordinary people.  They say that they are about removing ‘barriers to trade’ but what they mean is removing protective employment and environmental legislation.  They use the word ‘liberalisation’ which may sounds quite friendly but what they mean is that democratically elected governments cannot reverse privatisation of public services.

John Hilary from War on Want (in the 15 minute video clip below) explains the detail of how these trade deals fit together and build upon each other.

It is worth noting that a You Gov poll for CLASS found  ‘a lack of faith in private sector control of public services, with 12 to 1 people against the NHS being run by the private sector.  67% in favour of Royal Mail being run in the public sector, 66% want railway companies to be nationalised, and 68% are in favour of nationalised energy companies.’  

So much for the democrat will of the people, because regardless of public wishes, the EU Commissioners and our government are going ahead anyway.  We can and must stop them.  The only thing that frightens politicians is widespread public opposition – that’s why the trade deal negotiations are shrouded in secrecy and weasel words.  Sign War on Want’s petition before 10th October – 2 million signatures already and still rising.  Join local groups, get informed and support protests such as 38 degrees day of action on 22nd August 2015. The more we can spread the word, the less likely it is that these destructive and undemocratic deals will be implemented.


Trade agreements (TTIP, CETA, TiSA) and public service

Published on Aug 1, 2015

John Hilary, Executive Director of War on Want, talks to Carrie Cracknell about the threat from free trade agreements to public services, in the context of TTIP, CETA, TiSA and other treaties.


Earlier this year (well before the Labour leadership contest) Jeremy Corbyn wrote:

‘TTIP will allow companies to control governments …. And from what little has penetrated the veil of secrecy surrounding negotiations, it appears increasingly that any potential positives for workers, and on environmental issues and public services are being sidelined in favour of greedy bankers and multinationals which see vast profits to be made.’

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