Call for Mandatory Reselection of Labour MPs

It is not acceptable for a small group of elected MPs to hold the Labour movement to ransom. We are greater than that. Millions of people have supported Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party and he was elected with a massive mandate.

Labour Party members worked for them and voted for them, and yet once in power it has been possible to betray each of those by lack of respect to democracy and  basic principles of the Labour Movement which they purport to represent. It seems fair enough to expect self-discipline, loyalty and mutual respect between every one of us. 

The time has come to look at accountability of Labour MPs to their constituency Labour Party members.

MPs resigned

After the events leading to mass resignations of the shadow cabinet, it is clear trust is not enough. We press for the TUC, Labour Members and Affiliated Unions  to  consider mandatory re-selection of Labour MP with this petition.

This is not just about Jeremy Corbyn. It is about you, me, and our children, and future generations. It is about the Labour Party and democracy.

The current policy of not allowing reselection of Labour MPs is undemocratic, and is leading to disloyalty, to the elected leader and the membership of the Labour Party, on a massive scale. Labour MPs should be selected by, and be accountable to the local party membership. This is more democratic and is standard practice in other UK political parties. MPs must be accountable to their members as well as their constituents.


Change.Org Mandatory Reselection of Labour MPs


Please sign , and share this petition. 




4 thoughts on “Call for Mandatory Reselection of Labour MPs

  1. I think the MPs, who keep backstabbing and giving the press their Headlines every day, should be called for reselection.


  2. Jeremy Corbin has bought Labour back to the Labour supporters. He got my vote, he keeps my vote. If the party is blurred towards the blue again, I’m out.

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  3. The PLP no longer represent the Labour Party’s best interests, it’s membership or the good of this country. They are simply hanging by there finger nails on to a redundant and morally bankrupt style of politics that we no longer need by slyly back stabbing a popular democratically elected leader. They will have to go or we will.


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