Corbyn Coup #StayPut This is now about LP Democracy



It’s all going to according to the plan that Richard Burgon MP outlined on Labour List:


Just this afternoon a Labour member asked me “Why do these MPs who want to remove Jeremy want a Leadership election when the outcome of a Leadership election would be Jeremy being re-elected?”. The truth is, there are some MPs who either want to install a new leader without a leadership election or get a new leader through a Leadership Election in which Jeremy is prevented from taking part.

Outrageous? Anti-democratic? Offensive to ordinary Party members? That’s exactly the point. I’ve seen quite a few Labour activists on social media declaring that if a ‘coup’ takes place, they will leave the Labour Party in disgust. That’s exactly what those plotting to scrub out the Party’s democratic decision last summer want to happen. For some, a much smaller and less active Labour Party is a price worth paying for a return to the status quo that they’re comfortable with – a status quo which lost Labour 5 million votes between 1997 and 2010, saw Labour decimated in Scotland and saw Labour end up as being viewed as part of a political establishment that’s not to be trusted. For some, the plan is to reconfigure the Labour Party’s membership to one at ease with their Blair-inspired politics through the tactic of disrespecting members and the democratic process to such an extent that members resign in droves. Don’t discount a strategy of trying to impose some sort of “caretaker leader” for a year or two until enough members have resigned in disgust to mean that a leadership election can then take place in which a candidate with Blair-inspired politics has a decent chance of winning.

12 thoughts on “Corbyn Coup #StayPut This is now about LP Democracy

  1. Dear Helen
    I disagree with you fundamentally – I am saddened and unbelievably disappointed in your support for this organised treachery against the Labour Party itself. Although I am a recent rejoiner I first joined the Labour Party in 1977 and shortly after Newham NE Labour Part deselected Reg Prentice who soon after defected to the Tories and became a minister in Thatcher’s Govt proving that we were correct. Corbyn’s problems began immediately because the majority of the PLP rejected the party’s choice – so has been undermined his leadership from day one. Not openly initially but by obvious half lukewarm support. Meanwhile I am convinced they have been plotting this coup for some time. What they have done is constantly undermine him and then complain that he is not effective. This like breaking someone’s leg and the criticising them for not being able to walk. Worst still is the refusal to abide by the decision of the party. Quite clearly this Parliamentary clique believe they the Labour Party. This is the same clique that took this country into the Iraq war, after which I handed in my card, unleashing indescribable horror on millions of innocent people and we’re bringing the party to ruin. Do you remember why the SNP were wiped out Scotland, the birthplace and stronghold of the Labour Party? Because working people could not distinguish Labour policy from the Tories. Their motion of no confidence is a motion of hypocrisy from a self serving group who would rather see the Labour Party destroyed than have Corbyn leading it.

    I shall say no more for now – but will answer your letter in more detail. I believed you were better than this and I think the best than can be hoped for is that you have been duped by a a bunch of professional bullies of the likes of Alasdair Campbell. It is rank hypocrisy for these MPs to say that Corbyn is a nice chap who has saved the Party from oblivion but now we can chuck him out! Corbyn will stand again and he will win. What will you do then?

    Rinaldo Frezzato


  2. Jeremy, we voted for you for the long term . Kerrp your nerve and don’t back out becajse times are tough – stay and buck the trend of giving up because everylne mskes it hard. No one likes a quitter. Your worth more than that. Get the labour MPs on board – you can get a good shadow cabineg. Stay, stah stay


  3. Blair has gone it’s time you miserable shower who are against Jeremy grew up and faced YOUR responsibilities that YOU were voted in for by your constituents, Just because he doesn’t shout and scream doesn’t mean he is not a good leader We voted him in so it will be us who keeps him there.


  4. There are 170 Labour MP’s who have shot themselves in the foot, this is treachery of the highest order. People won’t forget.


  5. I am bewildered by the actions of the Corbyn dissenters. For once we have a leader who is prepared to listen, prepared to discuss and totally unprepared to lie. A man of principle, decency and integrity who is being vilified for not returning a Remain decision for the party when the vote from labour members was in fact overwhelmingly in favour of remaining. For those of us who actually listened to what he had to say his opinions made sense and were honourable. How could we have even started to believe him if he had suddenly become a Euro-Fanatic when we know he was not previously in favour of the EU? What did the dissenters want? Dishonesty? That’s what they got from Farage and Johnson and look where dishonesty got us…. OUT! No one believes that this coup was really motivated by the vote for Brexit…. those involved have been biding their time to have an excuse, spurious as it is. Shame on you…. why can’t a leader who is decent, honest and principled lead the party, or indeed the country? A sorer indictment of our current society would be difficult to imagine. Shame on you! You have my vote Jeremy Corbyn – last year, today and tomorrow!


  6. Im a member of the labour party right now because I belive in Jeremy Corbin – his ideas represent my own. for the 1st time in a long time we have LABOUR leader; because previously it has seemed that we are being lead by a conservative – ‘Conservabour’. The labour party was born of the unions, the party is supposed to represent the working man/women and at last we have a hard working, honest intelligent LABOUR leader. Hes not good looking or particularly well dressed and he may not be charismatic like Cameron Blair or Hitler. Instead he is honest and intelligent and I will follow & support him. If we end up with another smarmy, pocket lining, self serving, male or female, Conservabour leader I will not feel able to remain a member. I dread the thought of one of bozos getting in. Mr Blair ruined the party and some others seek to perpetuate that type of labour party- Hands off Bozos, its our party -the working people – not your toy.


  7. A plague on all your houses. All sides arguing about shades of red. As a lifelong labour supporter and labour voter I am sick of this carry on. Not one of you are concerned about the non card carrying members. You all claim democracy but only on your terms. you all demand my unquestioning loyalty and support at election time. I have lived in Ireland and seen the Irish Labour party become an irrelevance; now living in Scotland and it is easier to find a live haggis than a credible Labour grouping. They all failed due to naked ambition, others standing on high pillars of principle and refusing to compromise. The Labour party was always a broad church with common socialist ideals. Yet differed on how they could be implemented. We all have different priorities and timetables. For the peoples sake (not the party) follow the example of the founder members. They all came with differing views yet they were humble enough and courageous enough to compromise and put the needs of the people before personal ambition and dogmatic principle. They achieved great things not by getting everything all at once but by consistent and steady battling. Always looking at the greater good.and going forward. Looking after the communities and working with and alongside them. The Labour movement appears to be only interested in navel gazing, personal attacks on one another, and other internalised issues. The labour supporting people outside the party (and there are more of them than party members) perceive that Labour has deserted them and as in Scotland and Ireland and Wales the same will happen in England. Stop taking us for granted and grow up and get back to basics into the community and out of your offices and debating rooms come off your ivory towers. I am a pensioner not someone looking for something but I have seen enough in my lifetime to know that Labour will die if it continues to rip itself to pieces. Dont worry about a few members resigning the party you need to concern yourselves with the electorate turning it’s back on Labour.


  8. As far as I can see, nobody trusts any MP’s except Jeremy Corbyn. If he goes, we go and kill off the Labour Party and their back stabbing cronies.. We stand by Jeremy Corbyn and his policies


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