Young Eyes to see a Future for Labour.

Jeremy Corbyn’s new politics is about mutual respect, open debate and inclusivity.

The problem is that MPs of all parties have become so out of touch with public opinion, which is why the referendum result took them all by surprise. The reason that they are so out of touch is because they are unrepresentative.

For example, the average age of MPs elected at the 2015 General Election is 50, as with 2010. The recent referendum showed wide differences of opinion between various demographic groups yet still this particular group is greatly unrepresented. Generally supportive of remaining  in the EU, it is unsurprising they feel their ideas are ignored. Austerity policies have affected this group. Abolition of maintenance grants, increased tuition fees,  unaffordable rents, inflated house-prices for first time buyers  and poor pay are difficulties obstructing young people getting on in life. This group need  a voice in parliament. It is our responsibility to give the young a chance.

We need fresh ideas. We need real people in parliament not Oxbridge careerists.  Young people want a say in how their future, and who are we to stop them?

The Labour Party supports opening up the voting to people of 16. This was one of the policies identified by Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign for leader. In addition, we need younger people in the Commons. But in today’s climate how can that be achieved?

Grants, and training for young people who would like to contribute to the debates which will change their society for the better should be made widely available. 

Kenneth writes:

Kenneth Jones:  I’m 71 in a few days time, I would like to let the young people know in my humble opinion they have had a very bad deal from the MPs in the UK.

I want,  sincerely,  to see many more youthful Labour MPs come forward to represent the people.

Without exception,  in my experience of young people, they are much more caring and loyal.  It’s  just that we don’t encourage them to be involved. I have just read somewhere that Mr Corbyn wants the Labour Party to help young MPs to come forward and the party will pay the fees.

So bring it on, you youngsters,  show us you’re up for the job!  And help heal the wounds the conservatives have inflicted on us.  You are the future.

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1 thought on “Young Eyes to see a Future for Labour.

  1. Letter to the Guardian today
    Dear Sir,
    Chilcott Report and the attempt to depose Corbyn !

    The almost indecent haste and yet carefully orchestrated rush to depose Jeremy Corbyn might also be seen as a desperate attempt to prevent him as Leader of the Opposition responding in Parliament to the publication of the Chilcott Report next week.
    There as spokesman for the Labour Party he must be profoundly critical of Tony Blair’s probably illegal war, much to the embarrassment and acutely public discomfort of those in the Blair Cabinet and in Westminster who so ill-advisedly were persuaded to support or collude with what will most certainly be seen to be a criminal act.
    It is of the utmost importance that Jeremy Corbyn should not resign now so that he can represent the National interest as the grim verdict on the Iraq war is debated in Parliament,
    Alderman Michael Poulter MBE
    ST16 3LT


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