The Little Girl and the Bad Lady

Out of the Mouths of Babes

From Ali

I have just shown my youngest daughter a video of a fox hunt and some pictures of foxes. She looks horrified as you can imagine.

I then saw TM on the news and I said to my daughter, ‘that person on there wants to make this legal again as she has lots of friends who like doing this to those foxes’.

She said, ‘that lady is evil, who is she?’

I said, ‘that is the lady who makes all the decisions in this country, she will take your food away at dinner-time in school, she wants all the disabled and poor people to disappear and she wants to take money off old people like your Nanny and Grandad.’

Her response, ‘can’t the police take her away?’
My response, ‘no the police can’t do anything because there are no police left to take people away. She has taken money from them too’.

She said, ‘ what can be done then?’

I said, ‘a lot of people are going to take little white cards to lots of places next Thursday and they are going to put a cross, in pen, in a box next to Labour, when they do this that lady will disappear and it is unlikely we see her again and a man called Jeremy is going to stop all this happening and make things better for everyone.’


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