9 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn’s Money Tree

  1. …..its really simple: To pay for free education, the NHS, pensions, and a home for every citizen, simply said:
    Nationalise The Church Of England,
    which has always the largest land owner in the UK and is now
    the richest oil company in the world (in terms of reserves) due to proven fracking fields under the UK.
    The Church Of England has wisely sent 100 solicitors to lobby Parliament to make sure they own mineral rights to all the gas under their land.
    The Church of England has also wisely put an oil executive in charge of the Church Of England: Justin Welby The Archbishop of Canterbury
    Welby worked for 11 years in the oil industry, five of them for the French oil company Elf Aquitaine based in Paris. In 1984 he became treasurer of the oil exploration group Enterprise Oil plc in London, where he was mainly concerned with West African and North Sea oil projects. He retired from his executive position in 1989 and said that he sensed a calling from God to be ordained.[22]
    During his oil industry career, Welby became a congregation member at the evangelical Anglican church of Holy Trinity in Brompton, London.[1]
    In July 2013, following the report of the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards Commission, Welby explained that senior bank executives avoided being given information about difficult issues to allow them to “plead ignorance”.[23] He also said he would possibly have behaved in the same way and warned against punishing by naming and shaming individual bankers which he compared to the behaviour of a lynch mob.[23]

    So Jeremy Corbyn has a simple route to paying for everything mentionned in his manifesto plus a roof over everyones head, proper liveable pensions, and a properly funded NHS: Nationalise The Church Of England


  2. Shout out to the brilliant Doug Segal (@Doug_Segal) for creating this graphic, and then being too foolishly humble to put his name all over it!


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