A Country in Crisis and a Government of Shame

What a mess and a laughing stock our country has become. It’s tragic. We have to find a way out of this and stop the childish fighting. Now the country is divided in blame like two rival supporters of a football match.

I once followed my football team to an away match in the 1970s. I was watching Aston Villa play at Bristol City’s ground. There were no women’s toilets in the ground. I had to leave the ground and so walked between two rival sets of fans on opposite terraces hurling abuse and various items at each other as I walked below. There were no facilities provided for either sets of fans, but the divisions of the sets of fans no doubt made the news rather than the lack of facilities. Because until the rich found a way to make money from it, football was a working- class game, and the working class doesn’t matter. I’m sure the upper classes visiting Lords cricket ground and tennis at Wimbledon were made very comfortable.

Nobody is happy. All the questions regarding borders and rights should have been discussed before the #Brexit referendum in 2016. Cameron did not do so because he expected Remain to be the result.

It is austerity which has led to people wanting to turn their backs on EU, and understandably reject a system which has not worked for them.

The Tories in their Westminster bubble did not appreciate fully the anger of people left behind. The map shows in blue the areas voting to leave the EU, and is quite widespread through England and Wales. It clearly is not just in the North; it is East and West and South-West too.


Looking at the most Eurosceptic areas in the North as an example, Hartlepool lost £28.9m by 2015 as a result of public spending cuts; Blackpool has seen £400m worth of cuts since 2011;  North East Lincolnshire needs to save a total of £76m by 2017.

In these towns, the high streets are dead, the libraries are shut, Sure Start centres don’t exist anymore, NHS waiting times are long, jobs are scarce, wages are low and benefits have been cut. All the while, the cheap migrant labour coming in to fill low-paid precarious positions expanding under the recession becomes far more obvious. These areas aren’t just in crisis; they’re also, unlike their metropolitan neighbours, totally unused to high levels of historical migration and less equipped to culturally absorb recent arrivals.

The people living in these areas decided to “take back control” of their lives, lives which seem to be overtaken by forces outside of their control: the economy, Cameron’s Conservative party and, more questionably, the EU and migrants.

Thatcher’s policies which closed down our industries, saw businesses closed and moved to Europe and manufacturing in the Far East.

People with no source of income, denied the basics of life, do not vote for more of the same. They need change. They have voted for change.

Tory policies and neoliberalism have led to Victorian levels of poverty and deprivation, homelessness, rickets, hunger, desperation and suicides. The Tories are to blame.

All over the world, the rich ruling classes have ownership of the resources we all need in which to survive. They have ownership of the means of production, yet it is the workers who are the wealth creators. Though far fewer in number, the global elite maintain their power and privilege by dividing the majority, by creating crises, by initiating wars, so that people ending up blaming each other, and not blaming the elite. They are the establishment, and Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Theresa May and David Cameron are all part of it. It is a class war, not a war of race, or creed or nations.

Yet the Tories have somehow managed to present themselves as champions of the working class, playing to the right wing and racist element, framing their language and arguments to whip up the anger and have used it as a tool for their own ends. The Conservative Party, whose ideology led to the deprivation which caused the outcry for change have cynically used the crisis for their own needs – for personal gain, for advancement of their party’s fortunes and manoeuvres to inflict further cruelty on the working people. Nigel Farage and UKIP, Tory Brexiteers appealed to working classes by placing the blame for their predicament on the EU, and deflecting it from the Tories, and the global elite who back them. They are all part of it.

The prime minister, dishevelling his hair, plays the role of a rebellious rogue, as he speaks in parliament, waving arms, turning around to look behind for his entourage to encourage and cheer him on, like a performing clown. It’s an accomplished performance. Johnson behaves like a naughty schoolboy with the intention of appearing to be “ anti-establishment”.

Thank goodness all schools aren’t like Eton! They are at the heart of an establishment abusing the British people. They know nothing of the lives we lead. They are not our leaders. The Tories do not have our interests at heart.

Johnson’s actions are backed by billionaires raking in profits. In September, Johnson’s own sister tried to explain the PM’s behaviour, as possibly due to being “under intense pressure from the people who have invested billions in shorting the pound and British economy for a no deal Brexit”.

Boris Johnson’s leadership campaign backers in the City stand to make billions of pounds from his ‘do or die’ pledge to take Britain out the of the EU by the end of October. These people are not on ‘our side’. Why, and how do they keep power to abuse people?

Blame the Tory media! They frame their stories but don’t report truth. Lies and smears are reported in the press about Jeremy Corbyn, there is bias in the BBC which is now a mouthpiece of the government, and all are a last-ditch attempt of the Establishment to hang on to the death to all that obscene wealth, more than they could ever need, rather than share so all people can live fulfilled and happy lives. If Jeremy Corbyn was not the leader of the Labour Party, they would be printing some lies and smears about some other unfortunate person, and Corbyn knows that. Forty senior academics wrote to condemn anti Corbyn bias in coverage in the media. We have all seen and heard these untrue claims repeated in social media and around our homes and workplaces. But they are all untrue!

Jeremy Corbyn, is a life-long anti-racist, a winner of Peace prizes, a compassionate and principled politician who is in politics because he genuinely wants to improve lives for ordinary people. He is not a threat to our society, he is not antisemitic, and he is abhors terrorism. The appalling claims in the press are all made up lies to prevent a democratic socialist party taking office, and, as in 1945, to build a society for the benefit of the many. To any doubters, listen to him speak before you judge him. Look around your towns and judge for yourselves whether you think society is working for everyone or a decaying and broken relic destroyed by neoliberalism.

People have seen jobs lost, and people living without homes, and wages so inadequate that workers can’t afford to feed their families. Unbridled capitalism, Thatcherism or neoliberalism, like pyramid-selling is flawed, and the system is disintegrating. The massive schism between the haves and have-nots has resulted in a near civil war which is the Tories’ making.

They seek to cover up this truth, which people living ordinary lives know, and by coming together we can build a fair and just society. It is not possible to repair our society by austerity, by cutting the loaf smaller and smaller until only crumbs remain. We have to invest in people, and in our infrastructure. With money to go round, jobs are created, and the economy recovers. The Tories will never be the government of the people; they are there for the bankers, the insurance giants, the speculators and the obscenely rich, with their hedge funds and tax-islands.

The power to rebuild society lies within us, and by us. It lies within our own resources, in our own communities, and will be achieved by us coming together. This is the society that Jeremy Corbyn and Labour Party and working so hard to make a reality.

Take a look at the manifesto, have a look at the web page, and realise what kind of future we, and future generations could live in, peacefully with a Labour government.

Where we want change, we can be sure the Tories don’t , even while their whole system is crumbling around them. It is the first responsibility of government to protect its people and to ensure they have homes, water, energy, food, access to health and education. It is also the responsibility of the government to ensure communities live together peacefully and without friction, crime and violence. It is the responsibility of government to protect the environment and wildlife.

The current UK government, (and previous neoliberal governments) have failed on all these counts, and the current division and civil disorder is down to them. They are to blame, and it is their shame. They are incapable of sorting out their mess, and it is time for a rethink, for trust, for honesty, a new kind of politics and a new direction.

We need an EU withdrawal deal which protects jobs and the environment and Northern Ireland peace. Then we can vote on that deal, or to remain in the EU. If we vote to remain in the EU, we would need to reform and not to pursue neoliberalism within it. The EU Withdrawal Act, which Johnson has presented, does not include protections to jobs, to workers’ and consumers’ rights, or protection to the environment to be enshrined in Law. The Labour Party opposed Johnson’s deal, not because Labour wants to stop the democratic choice of a withdrawal from the EU, but because Johnson removed these assurances from the Act. The Labour Party came into existence to protect workers’ rights and Labour is not prepared to see the Tories destroy these protections if we leave the EU.

But there is anger about delays, anger about uncertainty, and, frankly, fear and panic about what will happen to our communities. We have a polarised populace.

Divided people suits the Tories. People are throwing insults at each other like rival football fans, cheering on ‘their’ side to get to some kind of virtual finishing line.

STOP! This is not a sporting event, it’s everyone’s lives and we need to get on the same side, for the responsibility of the security of future generations lies in our hands.

The Tory government has failed to protect people. Bring in a Labour government to restore sanity as soon as possible. Stop the blame, get together and rebuild our society for the many, not the rich tax exiles who care nothing for me and you.