All I want for Christmas is ….

A General Election?

Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister?

Well there is no doubt about it that a Labour government just in time for Christmas would make millions of people very, very happy and the prospect of a 2020 vision for a whole new society would be something for us to celebrate.

So, we are led to believe that on Monday, there will be a proposal and vote for a General Election on the 12th December. The government can’t just call a General Election any more because the Coalition government introduced the Fixed Term Parliament Act, so that two thirds of MPs are required for an election before five years.

There has never been an election in December in my lifetime, and I am old enough to remember Harold Macmillan in government.

Surely this is good news? Labour will move cautiously to avoid a Johnson trap which could mean us crashing out of the EU without a deal. The EU withdrawal act passed the second reading in principle, and it is now possible to amend, but Johnson has not allowed sufficient time for scrutiny and amendments such as a Customs Union and hard – wired for workers’ rights, consumer protection and the environment. Labour want to avoid a No Deal situation and so await a response from the EU regarding an extension period which could  last until the 31st January.

A Christmas election. Christmas! The time of year when images of a kindly old bearded man who likes the colour red are everywhere. It’s effectively free subliminal advertising for the opposition. Did Dom think about this *at all*? 🎅🏻 It’s certainly an exciting prospect.

But wait, why is Prime Minister Johnson so keen for an election?

Could it be that the Tories are desperate for election before 31st December; there is something about new laws to address tax avoidance. The billionaires would have to cough up some cash. Could it be that his backers waiting for their payout are getting inpatient?

Tories are blackmailing parliament threatening to pull their deal if they don’t get an election date. They’re worried. Do they want Brexit at all? My suspicion is that Johnson can take it or leave it, and really all that matters to him is personal power.

Meanwhile, there’s weather, it will be dark for canvassing, Johnson is in trouble and his backers will be most unpleased.

You really couldn’t make this up.

And we are just getting into the Christmas pantomime season. Looking forward to the exciting finale. Bring it on!

Turkeys voting. Boris-Stuffing! Brussels sprouts. Crackers!

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