Brexit is a Tory Creation and a Tory Failure

Brexit is a Tory Creation and a Tory Failure

Move over, it’s Labour’s turn

Brexit was a Tory creation, in an ill thought out referendum from David Cameron. It is the creation of a Tory majority government who have been unable to deliver it despite their own majority. It is their creation and their failure. Leave supporters have been cheated of their democratic choice by this Tory government.
Now, having lost their own majority, the Tories seek to blame the opposition and Corbyn.


In trying to trick parliament, despite getting a Brexit deal through the second reading, and ready for scrutiny and amendments, the Tories have paused its further passage through parliament. With a customs union and hard-wired workers’ rights, and consumer and environmental protection, it could pass. But it remains paused, and delayed by the government.

Now they seek to blackmail the opposition on an election date before there can be an explicit guarantee there will be crash out without a  deal if does not pass before 31st October, while it remains paused.

Image 25-10-2019 at 12.51

Not only pausing his own bill, Johnson has now cancelled the budget, and threatening to ‘go on strike’.

So effectively, we now have no government. This is profoundly irresponsible. When services close, when people do not receive salaries or pensions, when our shops have no food in them, and petrol tanks are dry, when our country is in crisis more than most of us can ever remember, will people then realise that voting Tory is really a very bad idea?

1 thought on “Brexit is a Tory Creation and a Tory Failure

  1. Brexit is the revenge of the old working class; if we can’t have it then neither can you (plural)
    The stage is being set for the most amazing shit fight. It had to come, the end of Empire and all that. Get your winter greens planted in the allotments,stock up on batteries for your transistors because the phones will be out but will you be able to trust the BBC?
    Be nice to each other, remember you are Brits. Stiff upper lip and the best of British.


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