It’s time we found our compassion again.

What upsets me is how things have changed in my lifetime, so much for the worse.

When people are in need, in a civilised, compassionate society, we shouldn’t be turning to charity, or crowd funding.

We used to have a social security , and cradle to grave NHS there to care for us, whenever we need it, whenever the worst happens.

Labour gave us that, but the Tories have removed the social security safety net and replaced with Universal Credit, which is so difficult to administer and deliberately sets impossible, unrealistic and cruel tests so that people are left without money for food, and many have taken their own lives. The NHS is being broken up , to be sold and be replaced by insurance companies.

In government, Labour will scrap Universal Credit, and replace it with a social security safety net, so we know, should the worst happen, we are not left to struggle alone.

VIDEO CLIP Jeremy Corbyn announces scrapping Universal Credit

Universal credit was a political choice to launch what at any time would be a deeply complex system while cutting billions from the welfare budget. That a terminally ill man had to take the government to court after being pushed into hardship by being transferred to universal credit gives an insight into how low its architects sunk. As well as scrapping universal credit, Labour have also pledged to end the two-child limit – which Labour says could lift 300,000 children from poverty – the punitive benefit sanctions scheme and the benefit cap, while entirely replacing the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) with the newly named Department for Social Security.SELRES_b996b558-e59c-47db-a71d-c814a4e1f965SELRES_b996b558-e59c-47db-a71d-c814a4e1f965

In government, Labour will also halt privatisation of our NHS, provide free prescriptions for all, and Labour will regulate the pharmaceutical industry and set up up a public pharmacological manufacturer which will produce generic drugs, and stop the rip off of our NHS by Big Pharma in the USA.

The pharmaceutical industry has been instrumental in promoting global capitalism. Through think tanks, multinational companies can radically re-orientate party political policy along the lines of free-market corporatism. A firm that funds free-market groups on an epic scale is the world’s largest pharmaceutical firm, Pfizer. This has been a major contributing factor to the wide gulf between the ultra-rich and the large pockets of poverty which exists in what are relatively rich countries, and certainly in the UK. Labour’s Jon Ashworths speaking on Labour’s new Pharma Policy

Meanwhile, The Tories, may deny further  privatisation plans of the NHS, Channel 4 recently exposed plans are already in place.  Labour Chancellor John McDonnell said, ““From what we’ve seen of the evidence from the Dispatches programme from civil servants negotiating with pharmaceutical companies, I think it is true.” 

Labour cares, and for me, that’s what matters, and that is how I grew up, knowing I was part of a society which cared too.

Image 04-11-2019 at 10.59

That is what I want to see again. That is why I vote Labour. No other party will restore our compassionate society, to replace the law-of-the-jungle place our country has become under the Tories.

  1. Labour will scrap universal credit
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  7. Labour scrapping Universal Credit and DWP to replace with Department of Social Security
  8. Film about the  Tory Sell-Off plans for the NHS

4 thoughts on “It’s time we found our compassion again.

  1. I have an abiding memory of chatting to my granddad about my best friend at school. He told me that when he was my age (8 years old) he’d had a best friend called Peter, whose dad was killed in a factory accident leaving the family destitute. The mother couldn’t cope and ended up in a mental hospital and the children were split up and sent to different care homes or foster parents. My granddad never saw Peter again. This would have been 1911-12. He finished by saying that people voted for Labour after the war because they never again wanted people to be punished for being poor.

    Granddad died in 1975. I think he would be deeply shocked by the current condition of the Welfare State.

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