Insensitive Tories dismiss floods in North and Midlands

The Tories, with their Eton schooling and privileged lives are so out of touch with the realities of our daily lives, they don’t even know when they’ve made an insensitive comment. We are told by Tories that Rees-Mogg would be cleverer than the victims  and could have survived Grenfell. The Tories  laughed at Jeremy Corbyn, who was wearing a green tie to remember those losing their lives at Grenfell. Tories cheered as nurses, teachers, police firefighters are denied a pay rise.
That’s Tories for you. They care nothing for us, and care nothing for those who care for us.

Screenshot 2019-11-10 10.02.17Boris Johnson, mop in hand, was only to eager to take advantage of the disaster for  a photo opportunity to boost his election campaign.
Boris Johnson says he does not think flooding is a national emergency. Perhaps he may have had better insight into the insensitivity of his comments, had he taken the opportunity to take advantage of the free eye sight test offered.

The reality is that the Tories are so out of touch. Their insensitivity shows  they do not care about us, or understand our needs. It is only at election times that they come out of their Westminster bubble to ask us to vote for them again. Then it becomes clear that the Tories do not live in our world. They do not understand how we go about our lives, and they cannot be trusted to put into place the policies which will improve things for us. 

Tory FLOODING failures

Nine years have been wasted instead of addressing climate change.

  1. While cuts are so severe, the Fire Brigades Union is reporting that recent floods in the north of England and in the Midlands have left the emergency services unable to carry out their statutory responsibilities.
  2. There is evidence that where there have been instances of flooding in England, poorer communities have been hit hardest.  In cities it will be those in poor housing that endure the worst of extreme heat in summer, flash floods and exhausted sewers. Bad design and lack of maintenance mean that architectural assaults on the working class can have long lead-in times.
  3. While the climate crisis brings “unknown extremes” and the cost of flooding becomes ever more costly and unpredictable, what’s for certain is that people feel neglected by policymakers when hit with severe flooding. And there is only one policy response that will ultimately help them. It’s not enough to build smarter homes, higher flood defences, or even to relocate people. The only way is to tackle the root of the problem: cutting emissions faster, wholeheartedly supporting renewable energy, reversing plans for airport expansion, banning the sale of petrol and diesel cars earlier.
  • Johnson says the flooding is not a national emergency.

  • Jeremy Corbyn says that it is a national emergency, and action is needed.

  • What do you think? Emergency? I’d say so! 


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