109 Years ago today, Women marched on parliament to Demand the Vote – #VoteLabour2019 🌹

Given that the election is fast approaching, it’s worth remembering (or learning) that today, 18th November, is an important date in the political history of our country. 109 years ago on this day women marched on parliament in order to further the Conciliation Bill for enfranchisement of women.

They met with a wall of police, and were subjected to horrific verbal and physical abuse, all they wanted was a vote, many were injured and two died for this right to vote. Our inglorious warlord Winston Churchill refused a public enquiry, he was Home Secretary at the time, and instigated a white-washing of this chapter in our history.

Everything we have was fought for, ripped from the hands of the wealthy. 

Please take a moment to teach yourself about this before going to the polls next month.


🌹In Solidarity🌹


Living Heritage: Women and the Vote

2 thoughts on “109 Years ago today, Women marched on parliament to Demand the Vote – #VoteLabour2019 🌹

  1. There are two things that will always make me vote, however cynical and disillusioned I feel. The first is the thought of the Suffragettes and others who fought for my right to vote. As you say we should never let them down. The second is the memory of seeing old people in their 80s queuing patiently to vote in the first South African election with universal suffrage in 1994. I remember one man saying that it was the first time in his life that he felt like a true adult. The right to vote seems a small thing, but to those who are deprived of it, it is a precious treasure.

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    • I love to vote in person, it is empowering, and we should remember that right to vote did not come without a struggle. I was told by my mothers that one great-grandmother said she would go to vote, even if they had to carry her in on a stretcher.

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