Most people love Labour’s policies so let’s make it reality and ditch the Tories!

The paradox from R J Murphy’s latest blog outlines how everyone is loving Labour’s policies. People are fed up of being ripped off and yet some are still prepared to vote for more from Tories. The cliche of turkeys and Christmas may come to mind, or masochistic voters so used to pain they’ve forgotten what freedom is.

Labour, has won the argument about policies, as shown below
  • 60% are in favour of the next government making “moderate” or “radical” changes to the way the British economy is run, while only 2% said the government should leave the economy as it was. Those in favour of change split between 29% who backed moderate policies and 31% who wanted a more radical agenda.
  • 64% support more investment by government in combatting climate change, including investment in renewables and insulating homes, with only 9% opposed
  • 61% support increasing taxes on those earning more than £100,000 a year, or approximately the top 2.5% of earners. Only 15% oppose.
  • 62% support increases in the taxation of capital gains (28% supporting higher taxes on capital gains than on income, and 34% supporting equalising the two), with only 11% supporting the status quo (in which income from work is taxed more highly than capital gains).
  • 57% support increased regulation of banks and financial companies, with the same number believing they presently “focus on short-term profits over the interests of the economy as a whole”. Only 7% oppose more regulation, and only 9% believe banks and financial companies act in the interest of the economy as a whole.
  • 52% support stricter regulation of working conditions for the self-employed and contract workers, with only 12% opposed.
  • 45% support devolving more powers over investment and planning to the English regions and the devolved administrations, with only 9% opposed.
  • 59% believe the economy is currently run in the interests of the wealthiest people or big companies
  • 56% believe the gap between the wealthy and the rest of the population has widened too much – including 40% of Conservative voters.
  • Three in five people (61%) think public spending cuts have damaged public services, including 53 per cent of Conservative supporters.
  • Workers having shares in the companies they work for gained 54% support, much of it from the 43% of Conservative voters. There was even more support for a requirement on companies to share their profits with workers more generously (66%) and to have worker representatives in the boardroom, also 66%

The shift in opinion against Tory policies is shown quite starkly in these charts. A majority of the public thinks inequality is too high –  even Tory voters.


A majority of the public want government investment to combat climate change. Why, if opinion polls are to believed, and they have been notoriously wrong in past elections, are a large number of people still backing the Tory Party? The Tories are still planning to make fracking easier despite earthquakes.


People love Labour’s polices, but some voters are still hesitating to back Labour. Their doubts are understandable because we have lived over 40 years with Thatcherite economics, and many voters know nothing else.   But we can answer all those questions.

  1. People think that it is all too good to be true.

This is understandable, because when people realise this is possible after a decade if austerity, a feeling of anger at having swallowed the Tory mantra is inevitable. But the answer is- ‘Yes it is really good isn’t it?’ Not only can be true, it has happened once before in 1945. Our soldiers came home and voted Labour. The NHS, millions of homes, care and welfare became a reality and replaced the health poverty, back-to back housing, workhouses , unemployment and all of which had gone before.

2. People think that we cannot afford these goodies.

The answer is – ‘ We cannot afford not to invest in people. The people are Britain. The people are our greatest resource’ People are still believing and repeating the Great Tory lie of Margaret Thatcher saying that taxpayers have to pay for it all. They don’t. The government holds funds. Furthermore, unlike Greece, for example who have been trapped by the €, as we have our own currency, the government have unlimited funds to spend on any service they want to provide, and the limitations are resources and labour, which are in good supply. Inflation is controlled by taxation of the very, very rich. Economists support Corbynomics.

3. People are nervous trying something “new”.

‘Better the devil you know.’

Sometimes we just have to trust our instincts. – Look around and see our High Streets boarded up, people unable to afford housing, our hospitals understaffed and in crisis, food banks and child poverty increasing. This is the best the Tories can offer after nine years in power. It is time to reject that, and try a whole new way of doing things.

4. People are backing Tories, because it’s ‘all about Brexit.’

This election about much more than Brexit. – While there are arguments from the left and the right about whether or not we should remain as members of the EU, this election is about way more than Brexit. Why, if you are a supporter of leaving the EU would you vote for the Tories to deliver it, when the Tories have failed to implement the outcome of the referendum despite having have had a majority, and three prime ministers? Why should anyone believe that the Tories would achieve it now? And if you support remaining in the EU, then Labour offer the best course of action, because Labour plan to negotiate a real deal on EU withdrawal, and then consult the people on whether to implement the deal or to remain in the EU. That will be completed in six months and we can get on with living. Brexit has created so much division and hate; it has divided our country, our families and has ended many life-long friendships. We need to put it behind us, come together and rebuild our country and our friendships.

5. I’d back Labour, but I don’t like Corbyn.

The answer is – the Establishment represents the very rich, those who have obscene wealth and make more money than they can ever need and use it to control the media. The lies and smears of Labour and Jeremy Corbyn have been vitriolic. It is all untrue, and is propaganda calculated to prevent the Labour Party bringing in a fair, more equal  and just society, and to bring in a Green Indutrial Revolution. If Jeremy Corbyn was not the leader of the Labour Party, then lies would be told about some other unfortunate person, just as they lied about and smeared Michael Foot, Neil Kinnock, Gordon Brown, and Ed Miliband. To the ultra-rich who own the newspapers like The Times, Daily Mail, Express and others, it’s not ‘Anyone but Corbyn’, it’s ‘Anyone but Anyone.’ They are terrified of people learning the truth.  Jeremy Corbyn knows that. Jeremy Corbyn knows it is right-wing politics and that it is not personal, but because Jeremy Corbyn really cares, and  he is committed to improving lives of  ordinary people, it does not deter him. Jeremy Corbyn is a life-long anti-racist and  abhors violence and terrorism. He will make a great prime-minister.

On 26th Nov 2013    Corbyn was awarded the Gandhi Peace Award in London
On 8th Dec  2017      Corbyn as awarded the MacBride Peace Award in Geneva
On 9th of Aug 2018 Corbyn presented the Peace Brigades International awards in London

Only a vote for the Labour Party will deliver real change. Many members of the Liberal Democrats, who may have seen their party as touchy-feely, are pretty disappointed to see the LDs are at least as nasty as the official nasty party. Meanwhile the Greens have realised that Labour are the party who can bring green policies into action and they are backing the Labour Party.

While  people are welcoming Labour’s policies, some are still not yet saying they will vote for them. This is the paradox. This hesitation is all about 40 years of neoliberal capitalism and 40 years of propaganda. We can reject that and reach out for real change.

If it took the pains and clarity of two world wars for our grandparents see clearly what our people need, surely we can see clearly the injustice of food banks, homelessness, and the return to health poverty which NHS privatisation will bring. We don’t have to have a war to teach us what they learned. It really is clearly about right and wrong, and the Labour manifesto will show us the country we want to live in. We just need to be brave enough, and trust that those who went through two world wars actually learned something about humanity. Capitalism has failed people, and we have a chance to do things so much better with Jeremy Corbyn, Labour, and the radical manifesto.

Believe in Real Change. Grasp this chance. It may never come again.

🌹❤️🌹Vote Labour 🌹❤️🌹