Spirit of 45 revisited

This is an excerpt from Ken Loach’s film, ‘Spirit of 45′

An Excerpt from The Spirit of ’45


In 1945, Labour’s Aneurin Bevan brought in the NHS to eradicate Health Poverty, as described here. Now in 2019, we face the prospect that Tory privatisation plans will return Health Poverty to the British people. We can stop them by finding that determined ‘Spirit of ‘45‘ again  by voting in a Labour government.
‘Never again’ meant ‘No’ to war, and ‘No’ to a peace which just benefited the bosses and not working people. We must preserve the NHS for our children, our grandchildren, and those not yet born. That is the way to honour those who fought a war, and those  who voted for our NHS in 1945 for a peace for the people. We will again find the spirit of ’45, and we will again vote in a Labour socialist government and we will say ‘Never Again’ to cruel austerity.
  1. Spirit of ’45, Official trailer
  2. The Sell Off Movie

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