Children suffer from Banker’s Greed


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While the bankers are making massive wealth in the UK, not seen since Victorian times, the Dickensian levels of poverty reflect those times too. These are both outcomes of an unbridled capitalist system. The first outcome causes the other. That … Continue reading

UK Is Home To 73% Of Europe’s Millionaire Bankers, alongside Dickensian Poverty


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The Bankers in London are accruing colossal riches not known in living memory, indeed, not seen since Victorian Times, when Charles Dickens was writing about extreme poverty among working classes. There are ten ways that The Tory Party have entranced … Continue reading

#WASPI Women Delighted by Labour’s Plan, …. but BBC suppresses news yet again.


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On Sunday, the Labour Party announced its policy to provide compensation for 3.8 million women. For four years Labour have been supporting the 50s women, many of them working on low pay, who suddenly, and without warning had date of … Continue reading

Concern is not so much where the money is coming from – as where it has it been going.


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Labour’s manifesto has been well received  by voters. That is because, unlike most manifestos, this one is special because of renewed democratisation of the Labour Party under the new leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. There are too many policies to list … Continue reading

Labour Announces Fund of £58 BN to Compensate #WASPI Women


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Labour Government will Compensate #WASPI Women The Labour Party has announced a fund of £58 billion to address the massive ‘historic injustice’ inflicted on 1950s-born women by the government, which moved their fixed pension age and robbed them of tens … Continue reading

Corbyn will be neutral in EU stance, just as Harold Wilson was in 1975


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Jeremy Corbyn, just like Harold Wilson did , as PM, will not show his personal preference on EU withdrawal and Corbyn will be neutral because it will be the people’s choice, once we know what the details of options we … Continue reading

Is the #LabourManifesto the Turning Point of this election campaign?


Labour’s Manifesto is here! What’s Labour’s vision for socialism in 21st century Britain? And will it be a turning point in the campaign? With Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani.