The Tories would rather you didn’t vote because…


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  Last date to register online is Monday 16th November 2015 On 19 November 2015, local authorities will close their electoral registers so 16 November 2015 is the last day to register online.  It is easy to register to vote. … Continue reading

The Battle to save the NHS


The crisis in the NHS grinds on inexorably.  In just the last day, former LD health minister, Norman Lamb warns that the healthcare system will crash in two years and says Tories are being dishonest over crisis.   Furthermore, NHS junior doctors have condemned … Continue reading

The riddle of the deficit (or deficits for Dummies)


Riddle: When is a ‘deficit’ not actually a deficit? Answer: When it’s a Government budget deficit.    Dear [insert name of virtually any Journalist or Politician] It seems that you’re still having a bit if a struggle to understand what … Continue reading

Is the whisper of the People heard through “Democracy” looking down on them? @Corbyn4Leader


Democracy or Philanthropy? How can we combat poverty and injustice? The Collective Voice of Labour Think tanks, philanthropists, charities, celebrities  and  lobbyists are shouting from the wings the answers to an impoverished world.  Joseph Rowntree, Barrow  Cadbury, Bill Gates, Russell … Continue reading

Great News! Lancashire slams the Fracking Door in Cameron’s Face


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Slamming the Fracking Door in Lancashire There has been a widespread campaign against the unpopular, uneconomical and dangerous proposed plans to extract gas from the earth by a process of fracking. Cuadrilla, which is chaired by Lord Browne, had been … Continue reading

The Flawed Policy of “Right to Buy”


 The Flawed Policy of “Right to Buy” By James Grundy Yesterday, the Tories announced plans to extend the ‘Right to Buy’ to housing associations. In the middle of a housing crisis, when 1.8m households are stuck on council waiting lists, … Continue reading