Swinson: The Principle is Power, All the Rest is Propaganda


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The Principle is Power, All the Rest is Propaganda Jim Grundy Politics attracts a diverse group of people. They include those motivated by a genuine desire to do what is best for the community, focused on the issues, to the … Continue reading

We can’t Afford not to Invest in a Better Society.


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  How we Afford a Better Society – and How to Recognise it When someone asks you , “How can we afford to spend more on our public services”, the simple answer is, “We can’t afford not to.” Every day … Continue reading

Can we please drop the nonsense of ‘tax payer’s money’?


Can we please drop the nonsense of ‘tax payer’s money’?  The phrase is just political advertising, intended to manipulate us in to accepting cuts and constraints which are not good for us or the economy.   (Christopher Bacon explains why … Continue reading

Dear Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer


A letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer from Prue Plumridge I feel I must write to you in response to your speech at the Conservative Conference in which you referred to the medium-term challenge of dealing with the public … Continue reading