Life isn’t really about how hard you work, is it?


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I often hear people congratulating others who are comfortably off, saying, ‘they’ve worked hard for it’. That’s absolutely fine, but it isn’t really about how hard you work, is it? Years ago people with profitable businesses would say, ‘I’ve worked … Continue reading

It’s time we found our compassion again.


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What upsets me is how things have changed in my lifetime, so much for the worse. When people are in need, in a civilised, compassionate society, we shouldn’t be turning to charity, or crowd funding. We used to have a … Continue reading

The NHS, The Sell Off Movie


The Sell Off Movie, The Great NHS Heist, Shortened Version

If you missed The Sell-Off movie from 2016, about The Tory  sell off plans for the NHS, here it is again. The Johnson government, if re-elected would push on and complete these Tory plans, and permanently make our NHS a privatised system.

In government,  the Labour Party will halt NHS privatisation and remove all traces of privatisation in our NHS

Labour make a bold step forward to a National Education Service


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Thank goodness for the Labour Party. Labour gave me and many others a good, comprehensive education, maintenance grants, and all free at point of use. I have always loved learning. A National Education Service free for us all, from cradle … Continue reading