Help Fight Back Against Murdoch’s Benefit ‘Scroungers’ Hotline

by Tom Pride

It’s time to fight back.

While the richest 1% of society are getting richer and richer, Britain’s most vulnerable citizens, the disabled, the young and the elderly are accused of being feckless scroungers who deserve to be treated no better than slaves.

It’s estimated tax evasion by top firms costs the UK Treasury as much as 20 times more than benefit fraud. But the government and its press attack-dogs owned by tax-evaders like Rupert Murdoch tell us it should be Britain’s most vulnerable who must pay for the current economic crisis, not the rich bankers who caused it.

And that’s why, in support of the government’s vicious attacks on Britain’s most vulnerable citizens, Rupert Murdoch’s Sun newspaper has declared war on what it calls lazy ‘feckless benefits claimants’ who are ‘living on taxpayers money they don’t deserve’.

But the real lazy, undeserving people living off taxpayers’ money, are the bailed-out bankers and billionaire tax-evaders who caused the economic crisis in the first place.

Isn’t it time we showed Murdoch and his feckless family of multi-billionaire tax-evaders, they cannot continue to lie, bully and manipulate the British public in this disgusting way?

That’s why we’ve launched a campaign to ‘occupy’ the Sun’s hotline. Simply by repeatedly sending as many emails as possible with the names of scrounging bankers who have used taxpayers money to pay themselves massive bonuses, the hotline can be crashed. There are millions of people like us in Britain who are fed up with Murdoch’s bullying. All you need to do is to spread the word to enough people and eventually the Sun’s hotline will be inundated with so many emails, it will be rendered useless.

Below is a sample email, feel free to use it or make up your own and send it to the Sun’s benefit scroungers hotline at this address (don’t forget to tell your friends and colleagues to do the same):

(Looks like our campaign may have already crashed that one, so if it doesn’t work, try this one instead:)

Dear Mr Murdoch,

You have asked the nation to send you examples of benefit scroungers who are wasting taxpayers’ money and willing to live on state handouts they don’t deserve while millions of hard-working Brits struggle to make ends meet.

Well we know plenty of feckless lazy people who are living on state handouts they don’t deserve.

They’re called fat-cat bankers.

Here are examples of just a few of them:

Bob Diamond – ex CEO of Barclays who refused to thank taxpayers for rescuing the banking system saying his bonuses were: ”a private matter for me and my family.”

RBS chief executive Stephen Hester who said his bonuses were ‘not the font of all evils’ even though it was paid to him with taxpayers’ money.

Eric Daniels, ex-CEO of Lloyds, who paid himself a 1.45 million pound bonus on top of his massive salary using taxpayers’ bailout money, saying he “deserved it”.

In the future, why don’t you campaign against the real scroungers, the bankers and billionaire tax evaders who were responsible for ruining the British economy, and help bring the real cheats to justice instead of bullying and picking on the most vulnerable members of our society?

Yours in disgust,

A member of the 99%


Please help this campaign by sharing it with as many people as possible.

This was originally posted in Pride’s Purge.

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